About 250 protesters gathered Sunday, May 31 to bring attention to systemic racism and police brutality. One of the protest organizers, Arleena Allen, addresses the crowd before the group ends the demonstration with a march down Waterloo Street.

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Was there a reason the Re-open Fauquier group was not allowed to hold their rally at the courthouse but this event was allowed?


All said, it was organized well and handled well.

My question is ... If the Good Reverend or ANY Priest, Reverend, Pastor, Rabbi etc had gathered the same crowd, the same place, the same time, would they had been allowed to continue had they called it a Church Service?

I am not even going to 'allow' them to use the 'no religious services' on Government property, I will ask the same question had it been the Church right down Alexandria Pike (in the adjacent parking lot or street) or any of the churches in short walking distance.

That - for whatever reason - they allowed this gathering, means that opening restaurants and business for REGULAR business should be allowed or at least not be interfered with.

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