No, washing your hands 15 times a day isn’t aerobic exercise.

But hiking, tennis and pickleball all burn calories, and all are still available in some form locally and in Fauquier County.

Hiking has become more popular than ever in these coronavirus-shattered times.

Parking lots were overflowing Sunday at Sky Meadows State Park, with similar issues along Skyline Drive. Access roads to the popular Old Rag trail were closed down at times this past weekend due to volume, showing the massive interest.

Tennis still an option that allows for exercise at a safe distance.

Gary Rzepecki of Fauquier County Parks and Rec says the tennis court at Vint Hill park by the community center is open for play as long as fewer than 10 people are playing.

Currently, schools do not allow use of their tennis courts, but some hope that policy could change. “The last word we got from the schools is no recreational activities could take place at the schools,” Rzepecki said.

Pickleball is also being played at the one court at Academy Hill Park in Warrenton, where devoted players are connecting through texts to meet at various times, and trying to stay under the 10-person limit.



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Sure wish someone could make up their minds. At one point we are to stay under the number 10 and later it says there is a ten person limit. So is the limit under ten or is it ten? Not singling out Peter but this is very common in many articles.

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