Dylan Crane

Fresta Valley Christian School boys basketball coach and athletic director Dylan Crane has been name head coach of the Washington D.C. Warhawks professional basketball. Crane will be introduced by team owner and Highland grad Andrew Farrar at 8 a.m. Friday morning at Highland School.

Dylan Crane, the first-year boys basketball coach and athletic director at Fresta Valley Christian School, has been named head coach of the Washington D.C Warhawks professional basketball team.

Crane, 23, accepted the position Wednesday. He will be introduced at a press conference at 8 a.m. Friday (Jan. 20) at Highland School.

“I’m very excited,” Crane said. “It’s an incredible opportunity and I feel blessed with the challenge in front of me 

Andrew Farrar, a 2005 Highland graduate, owns the Warhawks, which has a 12-man roster of players from places such as Gainesville, Centreville, Manassas, Arlington, Chantilly.

Crane is a 2016 graduate of Pensacola (Florida) Christian College after attending high school at Temple Baptist School in Herndon. He also runs a basketball training company called 24/7 Basketball, and has run camps and trains with several Highland athletes. and Ashburn.

He said he sees challenges that could result in great rewards with the Warhawks.

“I love building an identity and program,” Crane said. “I see all the pieces. The hardest thing will just be to put it all together. But I can do it. I will embrace the challenge and do my absolute best to succeed and boost this team to the highest level.”

The Warhawks, of the Premier Basketball League, were scheduled to play games at Highland Jan. 14 and 15, but icy road conditions force the team to cancel the games. The Warhawks will play home games at with the next games schedule Jan. 28 and 29 at the Warrenton school against the Chautauqua (New York) Hurricanes.

According its website, the PBL “is the Triple A league of professional basketball." It "is dedicated to bringing exciting, affordable, family-friendly entertainment to professional basketball fans across America.” There are currently eight teams in the league.

“The whole DMV area has a good market for basketball,” said Farrar, who founded the team for this season and will also play for the Warhawks. “I thought it’d be fun to start with local guys.”

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