Chris Butler (Lee) 

As we get closer to the June 11 primary, I invite you all to join me in supporting Bob Mosier for sheriff. 

Bob raised his family near us in Bealeton. I worked with Bob in the ’80s and ’90s at the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. Years later we are working together again! We both sought public office during the last local election. During his campaign, Bob made promises to the voters. Since then, he has kept those promises. During our budget cycles, Bob has proposed bare bones budget requests, only seeking funds for urgent needs. 

We worked together on pay compression, a crime analyst to aid in the battle against drugs and Bob even offered money back from his budget and we used it to outfit a fleet of cruisers with decals and radios. Under his leadership, he helped select the new school security positions, aided in their training before turning them over to the school board. 

Bob understands the need to keep taxes low while supporting the needs of his department. Bob listens to his constituents by holding town hall meetings all over the county. Bob attends all community functions and puts himself out there. 

It has been my honor to work with Bob on the issues that impact the safety of our community. Schools are safer, streets are safer, and our homes are safer because of Sheriff Bob Mosier and his line-up of the best deputy sheriffs out there. Please join me in not only supporting Sheriff Mosier, but also supporting the fine women and men that serve and protect Fauquier County! 

Chris Butler 

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, Lee District 


Rick Gerhardt (Cedar Run) 

I offer this letter in support of Bob Mosier for re-election for Fauquier County sheriff. I have come to know Bob as an honest, fair, organized, empathetic and caring person. As sheriff, he has demonstrated his willingness and commitment to serve the citizens of our county over the last three and a half years. I learned firsthand Bob is not just a man of high personal integrity and ethics, but most importantly, he has the courage to make difficult decisions that are in the best interest of those he serves versus ones that are convenient or in personal best interest.  

Bob’s career in both domestic and international law enforcement spans more than 30 years. His service to Fauquier County began as a deputy sheriff rising, through the ranks serving as the commander of patrol, criminal investigations and special operations. His international law enforcement experience included service with the U.S. State Department in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the United Nations International Police Task Force and later with the International Justice Mission working transnational organized crime investigations, primarily those involving human trafficking and commercial child sexual exploitation.  

As Sheriff I see him bringing out the best in his co-workers and staff. He encourages his people to make decisions and take responsibilities throughout the organization. He has worked with county government to improve pay and benefits, all while taking seriously his responsibility of balancing budgets and getting the most out of the dollars available to his office.  

Bob has accomplished the major milestone of Virginia state law enforcement accreditation and the recognition of our sheriff’s office as a professional and distinguished law enforcement agency. He has developed and improved partnerships with state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as expanded those partnerships through active participation in criminal investigative and counter terrorism task forces.  

I have observed Bob at community and town hall meetings and have collaborated with him personally many times over the past few years. He truly understands the concerns of our community and communicates with openness and candor. He connects with people because he takes the time to listen. I support Bob Mosier for re-election because he has the leadership skills, experience, values and vision to lead Fauquier County Sheriff Office for the next four years.  

Rick Gerhardt 

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, Cedar Run District 


Chris Granger (Center) 

It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Bob Mosier for re-election as our Fauquier County sheriff. Over the past four years I’ve watched and supported Bob and his command staff as they have evaluated and modernized the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. 

He has tackled tough issues that directly impact our deputies’ ability to protect the public. These included competitive pay scales, updating equipment, replacing an old fleet of cruisers, promoting from within and providing access to better training. He always acts with integrity, independence and thoughtfulness – traits that are invaluable when making decisions for the good of the community. His commitment to our safety, while being a visible part of our community is refreshing and something we should celebrate. 

Bob is a team player who works in concert with other law enforcement agencies and the Fauquier County government. This has resulted in significant gains in combatting the opioid epidemic and other critical law enforcement issues. His continued leadership and ability to look at all sides of an issue is evident, and I look forward to working with him for another four years. 

Thank you for your consideration and support of Bob Mosier for re-election as our sheriff. 

Chris Granger 

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, Center District 


Mary Leigh McDaniel (Marshall) 

I met Bob Mosier in 2015 when he was running for his first term. We had a wide-ranging conversation about his goals if he was elected. Nearly four years later, he has accomplished these goals, including law enforcement accreditation, success in addressing the opioid crisis and school safety. 

One of the signature accomplishments has been the community outreach under his tenure. For example, there was a neighborhood concern in Marshall regarding drugs and resident safety issues, and Sheriff Mosier organized a community meeting with over ten deputies to listen to citizen concerns, offer solutions and discuss follow up actions. He and his department actively engage the community through daily activity reports, social media and town hall meetings. 

Bob also runs a tight ship when it comes to the budget by balancing the need for sufficient resources to protect the county while respecting the need to keep taxes low. He has been a valued partner to the board of supervisors. 

I have a deep respect for all that Bob has been accomplishing and hope he can continue to build on these successes for the next four years. Please support him and his team with your vote. 

Mary Leigh McDaniel 

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, Marshall District 


Holder Trumbo (Scott) 

Fauquier County is a special place and I feel blessed to live here, and even more fortunate to serve my community. In the course of service I have worked with many good people who share a desire to protect and guide this community positively. One of the best is our current sheriff, Bob Mosier. 

From his start, Bob has injected energy into his office and brought new ideas and discussion about law enforcement in Fauquier County to the people. As the most visible elected official, Bob is often the face of local government and he does not shrink away from that responsibility. He hosts frequent town hall meetings and attends all sorts of public events. The excellent service provided by the men and women of his office reinforce that connection and I am equally grateful to them for their commitment to Fauquier County. 

Our sheriff’s office has improved presence in the community and citizens tell me often that they feel safer than ever before. This is due directly to the sheriff’s effort to work with others to gain resources and implement new ways of performing duties. The people who live and work here want security, and in times when the world seem so dangerous on the evening news, Fauquier County remains a refuge from the many perils other localities are forced to accept. 

That said, we do have many challenges and I am confident that our current sheriff is ready and willing to confront them and keep Fauquier County the great place that we love to call home. 

I have enjoyed working with Bob Mosier and willingly offer him my support and endorsement for reelection. 

Holder Trumbo 

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors, Scott District 


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