First, thank you for publishing letters from Jerry Stanley and Charlene Root (last week) which both expressed the reaction of many of your readers: dismay and disappointment that young people are being taught and encouraged to become emotional about opinions that disagree with their own. There is a trend today to silence other points of view, rather than considering those views.

Second, an observation on your op/ed of this past week (Fauquier Times,  Nov. 27), in which you aver that today's youth have more stress than their parents and grandparents. (Seems dismissive of the life experiences of elders). You mention academic achievement, harassment, bullying and sexual abuse as stressors, as if these are new to this generation. As a senior citizen, I can assure you that is not the case. We grew up with the same or similar issues. Advancement in technology may change the form of problems, but the basic problems remains the same.

Some of us seniors are saddened to see successor generations turning to feelings instead of to cogent argument. On the bright side, there are debate programs where students learn to research subjects and present opposing points of view without emotion and name-calling (such as “snowflakes,” which I see as a frustrated response to the idea that our children must be protected from ideas).

Carol C. Collins


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I'm sure your opinion comes from many years at a wide variety of schools and universities. Yes, I am being extremely sarcastic.


My opinion comes from seeing the broken toys these universities and schools produce. Good grief - they don't even know which bathroom to use, or basic biology.


schools and universities are not teaching critical thinking, or even how to think. They are only teaching WHAT to think.

Soviet style.

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