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Preserving the great experiment of the United States is the most critical decision factor in the 2020 elections. The individual rights we enjoy are envied by freedom-loving individuals worldwide, but these rights are threatened.  

Democrats have been attacking our two-party system since their investigation of the opposing party's presidential candidate during the 2016 electionbased on false information paid for by the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. 

These false claims of Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 presidential election campaign have now been disproven by four separate investigations. 
These false claims were also used as a basis to abandon the national history of peaceful transfer of power to a newly elected president. Instead, the democrats denounced the election results, called for resistance to the new administration by government employees and average citizens, and their imbedded partisans continued a baseless investigation of the newly elected president for two and a half years. 

In 2018, when a constitutional conservative judge was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Democrats went crazy at the thought of approving a Supreme Court Justice committed to following the Constitution and laws as written. The outlandish behavior of Democrat senators and supporters in their attempt to prevent consent of this appointment, flew in the face of 
tradition and significantly heightened the sense of conflict and division in the nation. 

Disappointed with the findings of multiple investigations and Supreme Court appointments, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives ignored the constitutional criteria for presidential impeachment, and in 2019 voted to impeach the president based on unfounded allegations.  

With no due process for the president in the House of Representatives inquiry or factual grounds for impeachment, the Democrats rushed to conduct political theater in an effort to disrupt the constitutional foundation of our nation. 
Now in late 2020, another constitutional conservative judge is nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Democrats seem panicked over another Supreme Court Justice, committed to following the constitution and laws as written, being consented to by the Senate. 

Democrat politicians openly discuss ending the American experiment by creating a one-party state under their control. They seek to achieve this by packing the Supreme Court with activist liberal judges to change the meaning of the constitution and existing laws to support liberal agendas. They discuss packing the Senate and House by turning territories and the District of Columbia into states with reliably liberal and progressive elected politicians, effectively eliminating the two-party system. They want to eliminate the electoral college to establish mob rule by a few high-population areas over the entire nation. 

The Democrat leader in the Senate has clearly stated that "nothing is off the table" if the democrats win the presidency, Senate and House. The Democrat presidential and vice-presidential nominees refuse to state their views on packing the Supreme Court, or other democrat party expressed intentions, because their answer would become "the headline." 

If you want to preserve our constitution, and continue the great American experiment, vote Republican on Nov. 3, or in on-going early voting. 

Chuck Medvitz 


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