"Getting real about the sources of division in our country," the letter in the Aug.14 Fauquier Times issue, would be ludicrous if the subject wasn't so important for our country! Why? 

The author seems not to take her own advice. "The problem today is that there are a lot of "righteous" people who are too sure of their false facts or manipulate the actual facts[emphasis mine] for their own purposes," citing Mr. Schumacher's opinion piece [Fauquier Times, July 24] as a case in point. Really? Let's look at the facts as the writer applies them. 

First, as background: Ms. Kadilak  chides ["disingenuous"]  Mr. Schumacher for failing to disclose his connection with the FCRC  [Fauquier County Republican Committee].  Mr. Schumacher, already well known to many in the county, also failed to list his rank, Army serial number, or his 30-plus years of service to our country in places like Afghanistan among them. So what! 

Second, the author submits her "fact," blaming President Trump as the source for recent mass murders, "There is no refuting the fact that recent mass murders have been perpetrated by individuals who cite the language of Trump and his white supremacist followers." 

If one searches the internet far and wide for a mass murderer supporter of our president, he/she will find none, zero, nada! 

Not so surprising to me does Ms. Kadilak, should we think disingenuously, omit her own political affiliation, omit the shooter of Congressman Steve Scalise [a Bernie Sander's supporter], omit the very recent Dayton, Ohio, shooter [known supporter of Democratic 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren]. 

The article, more or less, ends on the Schumacher statements claimed to have been "researched" by the writer. In brief, the number of neo-Nazis at 50 and the claimed cement-laced milkshakes thrown at journalist Andy Ngo in the Charlottesville debacle two years ago. 

By way of introduction to understand my response, let me say that one must first understand how the left, IMHO, determines their facts. To wit... statements by our president, not to exclude Mr. Schumacher here, sends such statements through the "fact grinder," then, reassembles them into "facts" and proceeds to attack the sender for something he/she never said. Saul Alinsky playbook? 

So, in the first instance, Mr. Schumacher cited the number of 50 to neo-Nazi Klansmen-- not number of protesters. In the second case, he was citing the multiple milkshakes thrown at the journalist, with some purportedly laced with cement.  

In my own research of the Charlottesville attacks, one video shows an attacker squirting an unknown substance out of a can to the back of Mr. Ngo, then, a masked young girl throwing a liquid substance to the frontal side of him. And that's just one short snapshot of the attacks. Beyond that is the evidence available online, e.g., [According to Ngo, his attacker stole his camera equipment. But video footage recorded by another journalist, The Oregonian's Jim Ryan, clearly shows an antifa activist punching Ngo in the face. Others throw milkshakes at him.] 

I now come full circle with excellent advice, at least in part, from Ms. Kadilak's father. "Be sure of your facts, then, be righteous as hell."  Even excellent advice becomes useless when not acted upon, not to mention facts re-manufactured! 

Ron Nist 



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Thank you, Ron Nist. The paper has printed a stream of left liberal letters that needed rebuttal. Thank you for your effort to bring balance to the voices in our county.



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