I taught U.S. government for 40 years in Fauquier County. One of the basic lessons was that Americans do not tolerate arbitrary and capricious decisions. Your very balanced article on Shelly Norden's suspension and reinstatement demonstrates the problem still remains. 

An independent investigation was conducted and the report was sent to Superintendent [David] Jeck. Jeck then removed her suspension but transferred Norden to another high school. He offers no explanation for this. 
An awarding-winning teacher and program suffer. Students suffer...can we get an explanation from Dr. Jeck? 

Richard Deardoff 


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Piedmont Pride

School personnel issues cannot be aired by school administrators in public, so Jeck's silence is mandated.

Neither is it likely Jeck's employers -- school board and board of supervisors -- left the decision to him. Norden is a political creature and I'll bet it was a political decision.

Two sides to every story -- During the campaign, Cam Jones figured it out, from what I've heard. Some say she deserves stricter reaction than a transfer, but we'll never hear the whole story publicly.

Nate Bacon

Just to add my two cents:

I suspect this whole affair was a concerted effort on the part of central office to bully her into resigning, and she didn't play ball. It's a very complex, involved process to terminate a teacher with tenure even in a non-union state like Virginia, especially one that has allies in the community. So they did the next best thing they could--keep her on, but make her life as difficult as possible in hopes she doesn't come back next year. Making her transfer schools and taking away her journalism and yearbook classes is they way they're going about that.

We need to know what hand (if any) the Kettle Run administrative had in this decision, as well.

Thanks to the Times for covering this. For whatever reason, FauquierNow hasn't made so much as a peep about this story. If there are no more answers forthcoming maybe somebody needs to go to NBC4 or the Post.


You seem rather extreme. Can't this be solved without further escalation? Our community has suffered enough over this. Give Dr. Jeck a chance to clear things up!

Nate Bacon


Appreciate you bringing this up again. You'd know better than a lot of folks on this subject, but can't teachers, being employees of the school board, be transferred to any assignment in any school within the district, so long as they have the proper endorsement?

I agree we all deserve answers on this, but given Virginia's archaic closed meeting and personnel laws, don't expect much. FCPS1 hasn't even done so much as publish the minutes of the Personnel Committee meeting from November where Mrs. Norden was placed on administrative leave online. Dr. Jeck is going to continue to keep things as hush-hush as possible and hope it blows over.

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