I am writing in response to the article “NAACP agenda includes education, activism and communication,” written in the Fauquier Times on Feb. 27. In the article, Ellsworth Weaver talks about how, in our public schools, the history of slavery is told very briefly, and many students only know the one story that is being taught to them. I fully agree with Weaver when we say that students need to be educated on this topic more in depth, because it has shaped the United States into what it is today.  

There is a middle school in our county that used to be a school for only colored people, and I believe and agree with Weaver stating that it should be a part of the history we learn.  

Weaver states that in general there needs to be communication within the county to create more knowledge on history, so that a deeper understanding can be created, and so that people can form their own opinions from that point on.  

He says that there are generational differences, and that there is a gap between what he learned when he was a student and what students learn today. It needs to change because students who are in high school now may only learn and experience the very short version of what has happened, and they also probably learn from what their parents may tell them as well.  

I think Ellsworth Weaver makes very clear and relevant points throughout the whole article. 

Madison Harmon 


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