Just a few weeks ago, Fauquier County hosted a climate rally in Rady Park, and it drew a wide variety of groups and citizens who are concerned about climate change. The Fauquier Times covered the event with a very fair and helpful story (“Fauquier Held Its Own Climate Change Rally in Rady Park Friday,” Sept. 22).   

I’d like to give you and your readers an update. A few days after the rally, about a dozen of us converged at the Warren Green Building for one of Rep. [Denver] Riggleman’s [5th District] constituent service days. We met with the director of Rep. Riggleman’s district office. One by one, we went around the room and explained our individual concerns about climate change and the work that groups in Fauquier County are doing to solve the problem.   

Last week, we learned that our congressman, Rep. Riggleman, had joined a bipartisan group in the House of Representatives called the “Climate Solutions Caucus.” The group is co-chaired by a Republican and a Democrat and meets to identify solutions to climate change that both conservatives and Democrats can support. We can’t know if our efforts here in Fauquier made a difference, but we greatly appreciate Rep. Riggleman’s willingness to join with other conservatives and with Democrats to work towards a solution.   

Also, last week, a new Climate Solutions Caucus was formed in the U.S. Senate, co-chaired by Sen. Mike Braun (R-Indiana) and Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware). The purpose of the Senate Caucus is like that of the House Caucus – to create bipartisan political space to develop climate solutions that work for both Republicans and Democrats. We hope that Virginia senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner will join the Senate Caucus.   

As we hit record temperatures in October, and our local farmers try to cope with climate disruptions to the agricultural cycle, we need more than ever to agree that climate change is real, it is happening now, and we need bipartisan solutions.   

Cindy Burbank 

Member of the Conservative Caucus 

Citizens Climate Lobby 





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I agree climate change is real. The notion that it is affected by man is another thing. We can pollute our oceans, rivers and streams and the very air we breath for sure. We need to protect our vital resources. The question is do we have the ability to influence the climate. Not a chance . The factors at play are enormous and far beyond our abilities to comprehend . For example one hurricane can disrupt an entire ecosystem. Ocean currents cannot be manipulated by man. The orbit of the earth affects climate. The activities of the sun affect climate. The simple fact that we have day and nite affects the climate. Besides we are but one country in a world made up of hundreds of countries. How would make let's say India stop climate change? In the 70's it was the earth turning into an ice cube, in the 90's a cinder now it's just climate change because it's not real. This is a hoax that if it is acted on becomes a one world order. The culmination of centuries of attempts to rule all people. If you accept this as real and give the power to government to solve a nonexistent problem, then you just sold the farm. EVERYTHING you do will be regulated by government to combat climate change. From the food you eat to the home you live in will be under government control. Just look at the green new deal. This is the road map to domination and the fall of freedom. Use your head and imagine the consequences for accepting this hoax. Governments have silenced any research to the contrary and opposing views hidden by corrupt media. Just as you should fear a government confiscation of firearms you should fear this hoax.


If climate change were real, why do liberals tolerate the life styles of other liberals?


Barack Hussein Obama purchased a house on Cape Cod for 15 million. Sounds like a bad investment by the Climate Change Warrior due to the notion that Cape Cod will be underwater in 20 years. It's a hoax people, it's a hoax.

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