“Why don’t you watch the impeachment proceedings?  Every day brings a new revelation.  It’s like reading a good novel.

 My wife is an ardent viewer. 

My response is: “Why should I?” 

Forty-six years ago my Senate office was about 40 paces from the Watergate investigation hearing room.  I would duck in and out.  The cast of characters was writ large and colorful (Irvin, Rodino, Baker, Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Dean, Liddy—never mind "deep throat”).  Nixon was being slowly plucked clean.  It was a real saga.  Revelation after revelation, not knowing how it would play out.  Then came the smoking gun — the 18-minute tape.  And the doomed Nixon resigned before formal impeachment proceedings moved forward. 

The [2019] hearings were conducted largely by unknown representatives appointed to the House Intelligence Committee.  Those testifying are, for the most part, earnest, dutiful bureaucrats whose overlapping narrative was convincing enough to move ahead with articles of impeachment.  Despite their riveting testimony as to Trump's political scheme, Republicans call these civil servants part of an intramural “deep state.”  They scoff at “hearsay” testimony.  They complain that the whole show is a sham.  That the president was well within his constitutional power. 

Why don’t I watch?  Because I know the story; it’s been told hundreds of times.  These hearings are an effort to attract the nation to a somber truth-telling indictment of our president.  Simply put: the president has abused his power.  He tried to bribe the new Ukranian president to deliver dirt on the Bidens -- or promised arms would not be delivered.  And, what’s more, he wouldn’t get his photo taken with POTUS.  Pretty simple.  Quid pro quo. 

In the end, the House committee will produce articles of impeachment.  The House will approve them with no Republican crossovers and send them over to the Senate for trial.  Not enough Republican senators will vote to indict.  And the impeachment will end with the president's acquittal.

The man, who is so guilty of abusing his office, gets to roar his innocence to his base (who, like me, has probably giving the hearings a pass lest they be exposed to troubling facts that might dull their adoration). 

The rest of us will just have to wait for November to challenge that acquittal. 

John Sherman 



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The 'right' letter was very quickly removed. Not surprisingly. This is a very important issue, and shouldn't be shunted aside because the crazy minority in this are frightened of it.


30 counties to date have stood up to tell KKK Northam where to go. Lets hope our board and sheriff choose the constitution over emotionally laden nonsense.


Think you are replying to the wrong letter...not surprisingly.


This mock trial is nothing more than an attempt to un-do an election the Democrats refuse to accept that they lost. Collusion, obstruction of justice, Ukraine, whatever. It's all a sham. It started before the inauguration and will continue through Trump's second term (which he will win).

This is not an indictment of President Trump. It's an assault on the 63 million 'deplorables' who voted for him.

Biden flies to Ukraine to investigate a corrupt oil and gas company. He comes back with a $3 million / year job for his son that he doesn't even have to show up for. The new Ukrainian president sends in a prosecutor who starts raiding offices of the corrupt company. Biden withholds billions in aid until the prosecutor is fired. Then he brags about it. On camera! Who could possibly think this isn't as dirty and corrupt as it gets?!

"Amtrak Joe" got his boy a seat on the Amtrak board of directors. His qualifications? He rode the train a lot. Nice.


We know you are angry, it is quite obvious. What is also obvious is that you are a victim of Faux Noise and frankly have no clue regarding what is actually happening in our world.

Always find it amusing how you archaic, good old boys come out in force if anyone speaks against your racist, chauvinistic, myopic, uneducated opinions. You guys monopolize this space because you are retired, bored and terrified of losing your old white man privilege.

Most of Fauquier has moved beyond the Jim Crow south that you, Joe K, America First, Jim Necci, et al. embrace. We are also aware of climate change and the threat it poses; as well of the incessant lies and crimes of your idol, tRump.

Fasten your seat belt.


…says the presumptuous, name calling little so and so… no facts, just flames… hey dude, you fit your party and your party fits you… make sure you give it a good kiss tonight.


Your total lack of information and education is on full display. I've never understood why you, Joe K. and ilk are so proud of your ignorance and denial of substantiated facts. You should at least know who your enemy is and you are totally clueless...I am white, female and I was raised in GA. One of my kids is in the Army. I do not lie and what I stated about you myopic good old boys is truth. You assumed I was a male “dude”, and called me a “presumptuous little so and so” is the word hypocrisy in your vocabulary?

Joe, "You do not have the facts or the law on your side. You only have hatred towards your fellow Americans that have differing opinions from what you have."

What have you just demonstrated?

Your terror is showing and your time, like that of your moronic idol, is up.


Your sons in the army, good for you. I served 20 years and know quite well who my enemy is. People like you who support and serve a Socialist agenda.


Your white privilege comment only proves you are a racist. You totally disqualify yourself from any debate when you resort to name calling and lies. You do not have facts or the law on your side. You only have hatred towards your fellow Americans that have differing opinions from what you have. You hate a strong economy, a strong military and low unemployment. Your climate change theory has taken a hit when your Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, purchased a 12 million dollar water front estate on Martha's Vineyard. Would you consider that a bad investment? I will debate you anytime, anywhere and on any date. You will lose because you don't have the facts or the law on your side. All you have is fake news and false narratives.


Good grief dude, I rest my case.


This opinion is a fantasy and the author states it in the first sentence, “It’s like reading a good novel.” Novels are works of fiction. Fiction broadly refers to any narrative consisting of imaginary people, events, or descriptions—in other words, a narrative not based strictly on history or fact.

Where are the journalistic standards for this paper? To print this nonsense, even if opinion, should have some basis in fact. Our community deserves careful, thought provoking commentary that will help us reflect upon our lives here in Fauquier county. Not the baseless, hate-filled ideology of the Democrats and the Left.

P.S. You say “dutiful” and I say duplicitous and disgruntled. That’s based on my observation of this earnest, pathetic testimony.


What's ashame in the country currently everyone believes the own set of "facts". Not one witness was able to connect the President to a bribe, treason, a High crime or misdeameanor. Anyone who thinks the opposite is delusional or intellectual dishonest. Remove a President due to assumption or hiersay is ridiculous. President Trump hasn't been able to govern since day 1. They wanted to remove him from office the day he took the oath on the premise of a hoax. What the President has accomplished since he took office has been nothing short of amazing. Let the man govern. If you dont like the end result is the reason why we have elections.


True dat!


The truth has yet to show up. Adam Schiff making up telephone conversations that didn't occur is not an ethical undertaking. It is a sham and it is easy to see if you pay attention.


Well, all the testimony has been hearsay. In other words, those earnest, dutiful bureaucrats don’t know any relevant facts. The only hard evidence has been the call log and the timeline. The zealous speculation of the president’s intent and subsequent guilt is mind-candy to the left and so in their minds, a fait accompli.

However, I would like to point out that anyone who writes a speculative piece like the one above, complete with a guilty verdict, and not concede that the Bidens’ actions in the Ukraine and China look far more immoral and perhaps even illegal is an ideologue and intellectually dishonest. Also, there appears to be a lot of smoke suggesting the Democrats colluded with Ukraine to tarnish the Trump 2016 campaign. I suspect the underlying fire is about to be exposed.

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