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Last week, a letter to the editor (from a local Republican committee official) lamented that requiring voters to presentphoto ID should be reinstated. [Fauquier Times, “Is this national mess where we want Virginia to go?”]  “It inconveniences few …” it said.Spoken like someone who isn’t inconvenienced at all, I would venture. 

Spoken like someone who isn’t a single parent working at a minimum wage job who needs to take public transportation across town with kids in tow to apply, spending hours of pay to make it happen, I would say. 

Voting is a right. As such, it must be afforded equally to all with uneven burden on none.If a photo ID is deemed essential, take the picture at the time of registration and make it part of the registration data base. Pretty hard to fake that. 

If counterfeit mail-in ballots are feared, place encrypted identifying information on the ballot. 

If it’s believed that people will vote twice (a felony that President Trump actually encouraged his supporters to commit), implement a cross check database of voters. 

Instead of requiring people to deliver ballots in person, use signature verification or two-factor authentication. There are always solutions that don’t burden the voter if you care to look. 

Mind you, I don’t think any of these measures are necessary.The current election “mess,”as the letter writer put it, is not due to fraud or even ineptitude. It’s due, for example, to Republicans outlawing absentee vote tallying before Election Day, and then crying foul when the massive influx of ballots due to COVID couldn’t be counted immediately. 

It’s due to Trump and his enablers shouting massive fraud where none exists.Their charges of misconduct are proving embarrassingly baseless when they arrive in court with no evidence to support the cases they've filed.   

In reality, the Democrats need only to get out the vote to win elections legally, and Republicans rely on selective voter suppression, which is also legal, albeit unethical.I see the latter as the real threat to fair elections. 

For example, look at the Republican-imposed Texas photo ID requirement (Texas Board of Elections website): Concealed carry photo ID?Valid.Student photo ID?Sorry, not on the list.  

It also happens that gun owners tend to be conservative.Students tend to be liberal.  

Likewise, the fraud prevention measures mentioned in last week’s letter to the editor selectively and unnecessarily burden the disadvantaged who also happen to lean Democratic. One wonders if the Republicans would be so sanguine about fraud prevention if the law required that their prevention measures be non-discriminatory. 

Keith Selbo 



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Agree with Deplorable. Voting in our elections is a right of properly registered, properly identified citizens. This right, paid for by the sacrifices of Americans in war and peace, must be properly and legally exercised. Voting cannot be 'made available' based on the idea that somehow it is a hardship to cast a legal vote using proper identification. With months advance notice, a responsible citizen, no matter what their situation, has time to take necessary steps to exercise their right.


Voting is a right of citizenship. Only citizens are allowed to vote. Your suggestion that voting should be easier is absurd. Every 2 and 4 years there's an election , the time and date are always known way in advance. You have many opportunities to register. With something as important as the direction of the country, safeguard must be taken to protect the integrity of an election. One citizen and one vote is all that's required. To that end we must demand you prove your status and identity for your vote to count. This last election was a travesty of law and integrity. Mass mailings of ballots is tantamount to counterfeiting money. Without proving identity or status allows unscrupulous actors to commit fraud and an opertunity to change results. We are witnessing this very thing now. Democrats insist no wrong doing but they can't prove integrity of the vote because the SAFTY mechanism was turned off BY THEM. If you can't see the importance of security to ensure ALL legal votes are counted and corruption heald at bay then perhaps you should not vote at all. If you consider it a burden to prove your identity and ability to cast only one vote you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Let's face facts, if you want to get on a plane and fly to wherever , you must present proper identity. If you want to take a cruise, you MUST present IDENTITY. WHY should something as important as an election be less important? This election will never be trusted because LAWS WERE NOT ENFORCED and changed in mid election all designed to create CHAOS and a false outcome. If Democrats are so concerned about the validation why are they NOT willing to investigate? Why are votes for Democrat's always turning up after the count? How does one candidate lead by several thousands votes then in the space of a few hours lose? Mathematically doubtful. Voting is a right, that's correct. A right that must earned and not taken for granted.

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