LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

One of our most precious rights that we have it the right to choose those who will govern us.

This is done through primary elections and general elections. Primary elections are better than conventions. Primary elections allow more individuals to participate in the process. Primary elections can be “open” or “closed.” In “open” primaries, any registered voter can vote in the primary of their choice. In “closed” primaries, only registered members of that political party can vote in that primary. I prefer the “closed” primary system.

It is very important that each of us take the time to study each issue and candidate carefully. One way to do this is to create “an ideal profile” for each issue and each office. Include in your “profiles” those things that are important to you. Match all issues and candidates against your respective “profiles.” Vote for the issue/candidate that comes closest to your “profiles.”

Your right to choose those who will govern you is very important. Please use it.

As my Southern friends would say: “You all come on down to the voting booth.”

Robert H. Wright Jr.


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