I received a flyer from the Republican Party of Virginia last week, authorized by [Del.] Michael WebertOn one side was a theater marquee with the headline Liberal Laura starring Laura Galante; on the other side were the following issues with No” under Weberts name and Yes” under Galante and her Liberal Team: Massive Tax Increases, Higher Electric Bills, Liberal Supreme Court Judges, Destroying Gun Rights and Food Stamps for Drug Dealers. 

Webert and the Republican Party must be pretty worried about the election for them to stoop to printing these ludicrous lies about Laura Galante. These aspersions have no basis in reality and are an insult to voters in the district, whom Webert and the Republican Party must feel are not intelligent enough to decide based on the actual positions each candidate has taken. Apparently, he doesnt have any positive attributes to point out that would make him more attractive to the electorate, so he fabricates.  

He did this with another flyer that had a photo of Galante juxtaposed with a number of national Democratic figures who have nothing to do with her or her positions on issues. 

Laura Galante is an intelligent candidate with thoughtful, reasonable positions on the issues and who will work for the benefit of all citizens of the commonwealth. Webert is a fearmonger who plays on stale party clichés and who votes the party line without any independent thought process.  

If thats what appeals to you, hes the one.  

If you want someone who has a positive outlook and will actually think through an issue and come up with the most beneficial solution, vote Laura Galante. 

Why reward the immature prevarications by voting for someone who feels he has to go there to win? Lets raise the bar on political dialog and get back to discourse based in reality. 

Michael Morency 

The Plains 


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Joe K., your misogyny is well demonstrated. Why would you assume I am Mr…only men speak up?

As far as your claims of “fake news” we all know that is code for tRump jumping up and down, sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling that he doesn’t want to hear the facts.

His “tax cut” benefited and rewarded Wall St., big Pharma, and the fossil fuel industry for their many donation$ and contribution$. Your buddy, Webert is part of the multi-millionaire Ohrstrom family and they benefited from tRump’s largesse to the 1%

As far as racism, “Very good people…on both sides”, comments since, and previous court rulings have all indicated your mango messiah’s feelings about racial equality. They echo those of his father who marched through NYC with the KKK in the 1920’s.

Your slavish devotion to tRump’s lies and Faux Noise propaganda would be humorous if it were not so sad.

I’ve insulted no one, just pointed out well documented facts. Further, the military has clearly changed since you were there. They are far more savvy and aware of being lied to and taken advantage of; which is all tRump has done for them.

I hope you learn to think for yourself and conduct your own research. Accepting spoon-feeding from propagandists has never resulted in a positive outcome.


Joe K., your delusions are exposed and your slavish devotion to tRump's lies and Faux Noise propaganda is repulsively humorous. Talking points...those are all you have and spew, do you ever think for yourself or research anything?

Why do you think tRump loves you so much? The easily manipulated are play-doh in his hands. As far as the military; not all of them are as naive as you these days. Quite a few recognize when they are being lied to and used. Wake up and realize you are being played.


Yes, I research. My paycheck is the first that I see. I also research the monthly jobs report, the weekly unemployment claims, the price of fuel among many other things and from what I see and know Trumps policies are working for ALL Americans.


A total hack piece from a Smug, group thinking socialist.


Oh look, the ancient, white, uneducated triumvirate speaks again in favor of Webert.

Sadly, "America First", "JoeK", and "JimNecci" are not of the 1%, like Michael Webert and those he serves. Once again, they will be used by the 1%, yet are too obtuse to realize that. Can you tell us what Webert has done for you or our county? Didn't think so, you just like him because he supports tRump.


JBH, Hows your buddy Northam and Fairfax doing? You know the Blackface/KKK governor and his accused Sexual Predator accomplice

First and foremost, Webert has kept the left from Turning this state in Maryland and California. I guess you wont be happy unless our state is a sanctuary state and we have homeless people up to our neck.

Yes, I support American first. You got a problem with that, with putting OUR country and its citizens first? The safety of our citizenry? The safety of our borders? A low unemployment rate? A strong military? Low taxes? Rising wages? Energy independence?

What's wrong with that and what's your problem? Your 1% argument is old news and it's fake news. I'm far from the 1% and I, like many Americans, have benefited from this strong economy that TRUMP built.


Well, you didn't disappoint; your grammar and punctuation defines your lack of education, standard MAGAt qualifications...

Your comments over time have demonstrated that you are indeed a racist, so your comment re: Northam and Fairfax is hypocritical at best.

Your mango Mussolini has NOT put our country first, he's always placed Russia and his BFF, Putin ahead of our interests. My kids are in the military, both despise tRump and see him for the criminal grifter he is.

Think the "safety" of our elections from Russian meddling is a d**ned sight more important than keeping Hispanics in jail. Any idea why our troops are in Saudi Arabia? Remember 9/11?

BTW, you need to thank Obama for that economy that MF45 is killing with his puerile "trade wars".


Dear Mr Wannaba Elitist,

I guess you didnt get the news. The Mueller report was a hoax. And now they have moved on to Ukraine. It's fake news. You are falling for it again from the fake media and the democrats. It's a hoax too!

Why is it that dems always fall back to insults when debating? Because they can't win on the issues.

Criminal grifter? We'll see where John Durham takes us. Let the Chips fall where they may.

Obama economy? You didn"t disappoint for your of lack knowledge on the true issues. You only spout off your democratic hack talking points. Obama economy? SMH, and that's being polite.

Oh and by the way, I do appreciate the fact that you have 2 kids in the military. I served 20 years and I'm retired. I'm a Trump supporter as well are the majority of Vets and the troops on active duty. I'm sorry that your kids are in the minority when it come to supporting the Commander in Chief, President Trump. MAGA 2020!!


Oh, again, by the way, your racist attack is also old. Your side has used that term to a point it doesn't carry any weight any longer. One percent and racist are old. Try something new.


How do democrats ever solve the problems their party creates?


She's a leftist. Vote for the other guy on November 5th!!


Sounds like you're saying she is running as a Democrat but will not be voting with her party. That's hard to believe. Will she vote with the Republicans? I'd rather have Michael.

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