I am writing to encourage the citizens of Fauquier County to go to the polls on June 11 to vote for incumbent Sheriff Robert “Bob” Mosier. I first met Sheriff Mosier when my husband, Warren L. Jenkins, was chief deputy at the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. I know Sheriff Mosier to be honest, transparent, hardworking, fiscally responsible and accountable. He is a man of integrity, who makes promises and keeps them!

Sheriff Mosier has earned the respect of not only the residents of Fauquier County, but also from federal, state and county officials through collaborating on tackling the opioid crisis head on. Pro-active, modern policies, increased funding and a renewed cooperation among our citizens have yielded more apprehensions and arrests. With work through the Travis Project, the sheriff has equipped all of the county cruisers with Narcan, which has saved many lives.

Cooperation with other government leaders has led to increased school security in our schools, keeping our children safe. Partnering with the Fauquier County School Board and school officials has increased the number of Resource Officers in our schools and more will be hired.

Because of the first-time-ever accreditation of the FCSO through the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission, an intense process led by Sheriff Mosier, the Sheriff’s Office adheres to the best standards of law enforcement. Why is that important, you may ask? It is important because formal accreditation accounts for better and equitable law enforcement, more availability of federal and state funding, as well as enhanced cooperation with other jurisdictions.

Sheriff Mosier has excellent working relationships with our county board of supervisors, constitutional officers and community leaders. Great, non-partisan relationships account for keeping us all safe at a time when crime has risen nationally.

There is more work to do. Please vote for Sheriff Mosier so he can continue to modernize the sheriff’s office, maintain our way of life in Fauquier County and combat the crimes that threaten us all.

Lora Mackie Jenkins


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