I read with astonishment in the July 24 edition of the Fauquier Times that Warrenton and Fauquier County officials are considering how to help a developer who plans to extend suburban sprawl 60 miles into the countryside from Washington, D.C. to Clevenger’s Corner in Culpeper County.

Warrenton’s bypass presents a problem for future Clevenger Corner commuters and might depress sales -- but there is a possible solution: Fauquier taxpayers can help the developer by building a new road through the subdivision on the old Gold Cup course, to connect Route 211 west of Warrenton with Route 29/211 north of Warrenton.          

The article failed to mention that the “Clevenger Parkway” would continue over Fenton Farm, past Rady Park to the interchange on U.S. 17, near the Highland School. The point of juncture of “Clevenger Parkway” and U.S. 17 is also the point of juncture of two small streams that flow over the length and breadth of Fenton’s 400 acres to become Towser’s Branch, one of the three streams that feed the Warrenton Reservoir, a short distance downstream.

Recently, for about a week, the water coming over the reservoir’s dam on the Blackwell Road was the color of mud. The water, entering the reservoir from both Cedar Run and Taylor’s Run was its normal color. The mud that was coloring the reservoir was coming from the branch of Towser’s Run that rises on View Tree Mountain, where the federal government was disturbing the earth. I mention this to illustrate how vulnerable the Towser’s Run watershed is to any kind of development. 

In the Board of Supervisors election 12 years ago, when the Clevenger’s Corner subdivision was a hot issue in this county, the supervisor from Center District lost his seat because he had favored running a road through the former Gold Cup race course and Fenton Farm to relieve traffic from Clevenger’s Corner from having to use Warrenton’s bypass.

The owners of Fenton Farm have been good stewards of the land and protectors of Warrenton’s water as it traverses their land.

Hope Porter


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