Thanks to Julie Bolthouse and PEC for their thoughtful review of the proposed plan. The process does seem to be rushed given the COVID-19 distractions and, as is, the draft entirely ignores the likely impacts of the pandemic itself on commercial and residential demand and the capital markets which drive all the proposed scenarios. I would urge the Planning Commission to require additional consultation and consideration of the fiscal reality.

The overwhelming litany of goals (8), policies (69), objectives (53), and actions (165) are not well rooted in the annexes provided by RKG nor are they prioritized or sequenced. It is difficult to understand how this plan, if adopted, would help the Town of Warrenton navigate difficult and informed choices. A “results framework” would help discern a critical path.

The pernicious claim that unfettered densification in any mixed-use area would be a desirable outcome is unsubstantiated and needs more consideration. Similarly, the transportation and circulation chapter concludes that the Timber Fence bypass should be built to alleviate congestion along Broadview without any basis in traffic data or consideration of VDOT’s upcoming investments in Broadview Avenue. Worse, there was no consultation with any of the directly affected communities in the Rady Park/Olde Gold Cup/Silver Cup axis, which is concerning at least.

Given the sunk costs in the draft plan, it would be well worth going the extra mile to making sure the path forward is much clearer and the consultative process more inclusive.

Dave Gibson


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