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Yesterday, I heard our president, Donald Trump, tell us that we should vote twice this election cycle.  He even said it again today, so it must be true, because we all know the president never lies.  I had one of my family members, a Democrat, tell me that if I voted twice, I would go to jail because it is a felony. Of course, I didn’t believe him; what my family member said is just a lie and a hoax, as usual. 

I just wanted to let all know that I’ll be voting twice for Donald J. Trump. I’ll mail in my absentee ballot the day it is received and will also vote at the polls on Nov. 3.  I have a very large network of friends throughout the state and have already spread this very important news to all of them. They’ll be spreading the word to their network as well. They all agree that voting twice is the best way to ensure our president’s re-election. 

**Note: In case you aren’t aware, this is satire. It is indeed a felony to vote twice in an election, no matter what the president says. 

Jeanette Hord 


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