Apparently, Fauquier County is considering jumping wholeheartedly into “the culture wars.” An article in the Nov. 27 Fauquier Times reported that our county board of supervisors is weighing whether to designate Fauquier County as a Second Amendment sanctuary. The designation of a sanctuary zone is, in and of itself, a political statement. What is to come next you may ask -- a designation of Fauquier as an “immigration safety zone” or, in the spirit of tolerance, advertising the county as a “LBGTQ sanctuary zone” or even perhaps “a right to life” sanctuary? 

Of course I support the Second Amendment but I also support the First Amendment as well as the other amendments to the Constitution. My support for the First Amendment, for example, does not mean that I endorse hate speech or support the right to cry fire in a crowded theater. The amendments are not absolute. This proposed designation would treat the second as such. Sheriff [Bob] Mosier was correct in stating that this needs to go to state lawmakers. 

I personally have no problems with citizens possessing weapons for self-protection or to engage in sporting pursuits and activities, including hunting. Nonetheless, I oppose an absolute blanket endorsement of the Second Amendment. Sadly, we have become a nation of unparalleled gun violence. Since 1966, mass shootings have killed more than 1,196 persons. This appalling number does not include the thousands of other gun-related deaths in our society which are occurring every day.  

Common sense and protection of the citizens of this county and nation have to be considered in any Second Amendment debate, especially considering the wholescale daily bloodshed. A person has to possess a license in order to drive, a license to fish and a license, which acts as a safety check, in many of our day-today endeavors. To countenance the sale of deadly weapons at gun shows, for example, without requiring a background check is irrational and is an act of complicity in any resulting violence. (All one has to do is check the statistics of the origin of many of the guns used in D.C. in acts of deadly violence.) Allowing the sale of military assault weapons to the public at large is another ill-considered action. (Look no further than Virginia Tech.)  

Many would argue that these gun actions are not absolute and should not be protected by the Second Amendment as such.  

The senseless gun slaughter in America is not just limited to one venue. Our schools are not safe -- witness the 27 deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, of which 20 of the dead were first-graders, or the Marjory Stoneman High School killings in Parkland, Florida resulting in 17 deaths.   

There is no safe zone. Military bases are at risk, witness the recent killings at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola which occurred three days ago, or the killings at The Washington Naval Yard in DC on Sept. 16, 2013, where 12 persons died. 

There is no sanctuary zone against gun violence, be it movie theaters or grocery stores. 

Family restaurants are not safe, and churches are no exception. Workplace killings are so commonplace as to beg description.  

The madness doesn’t stop. 

No one likes to read of the gun killings, no one likes to hear of the pain and suffering of the victims or be compelled to consider the ripples of anguish which spread out among the extended family after a loved one’s violent death. No one wants to contemplate the death of a child from gun violence, much less see their smiling pictures. It is far more comforting to ignore it, not to think of root causes, to get mired in the rhetoric of alleged unrestricted “rights.”  

Yet having the Fauquier Board of Supervisors designate this county, a political entity, a Second Amendment sanctuary in order to show support for gun ownership rights is an endorsement of a minority political belief that is myopic, a disservice to our friends, family and fellow citizens and places our children at risk. 

Arthur von Keller IV 



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Cameron Jones

Interesting that no one is willing to put their name to their comments.

I can understand those who defend the 2nd Amendment not wanting their names on some statewide registry that the left will surely compile, so they can come arrest otherwise law abiding citizens after governor black face makes them a felon.

But how about those who are anti-Constitution? Why are they afraid to apply their names to their comments, if they are on the side of righteousness?


Actually there are some safe zones from gun violence.

They are called 'gun shows.'

Isn't that interesting.


8 year old boy accidentally kills self at gun show:

3 hurt after shooting at gun show:

13 year old boy shot and killed at gun show:

Not so safe, it seems.


Millions of law abiding Americans attend gun shows. This is the best you have?


Note the new time is now 5 PM

The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors will reconvene its adjourned meeting on Monday, December 23, 2019 at 5:00 PM in the Warren Green Meeting Room, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186, to consider the adoption of a resolution entitled:


Constitutional County Resolution Board of Supervisors vote 12/23 @ 5 pm

Tell It Like It Is

Shame on the Board for not moving this meeting to FHS!

Shame on the Board for not providing better AV resources outside!

Shame on the board for making your constituents stand outside in sub freezing weather but that did not deter us!

Pack this meeting a second time only bigger!!

Fauquier needs to be a Constitutional Militia County.

Dec. 23, 2019

10 Hotel Street

Warrenton, VA

6:30 PM

Dress extra warm people to stay as long as it takes !!!


Just a reminder why we must defend ourselves.... In his “Declaration of the World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and the Crusaders,” issued in February 1998, Bin Laden says that

“to kill Americans and their allies, both civil and military, is an individual duty of every Muslim…every Muslim who believes in God and hopes for reward [must] obey God’s command to kill the Americans and plunder their possessions wherever he finds them and whenever he can.”


Title 44 of Virginia Code Emergency Military and emergency powers:

§ 44-146.15. Construction of chapter.

Nothing in this chapter is to be construed to:

(1) Limit, modify, or abridge the authority of the Governor to exercise any powers vested in him under other laws of this Commonwealth independent of, or in conjunction with, any provisions of this chapter;

(2) Interfere with dissemination of news or comment on public affairs; but any communications facility or organization, including, but not limited to, radio and television stations, wire services, and newspapers, may be required to transmit or print public service messages furnishing information or instructions in connection with actual or pending disaster;

(3) Empower the Governor, any political subdivision, or any other governmental authority to in any way limit or prohibit the rights of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by Article I, Section 13 of the Constitution of Virginia or the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, including the otherwise lawful possession, carrying, transportation, sale, or transfer of firearms except to the extent necessary to ensure public safety in any place or facility designated or used by the Governor, any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or any other governmental entity as an emergency shelter or for the purpose of sheltering persons;


Mama, don't let your sons grow up to be Democrats.


"To countenance the sale of deadly weapons at gun shows, for example, without requiring a background check is irrational and is an act of complicity in any resulting violence."


The majority of sellers at gun shows ARE licensed vendors. These vendors are required to perform said checks for EVERY gun sale. WHERE that sale occurs is irrelevant. If they are selling firearms without doing said diligence he/she is putting their license in jeopardy and liable for criminal prosecution.

Presenting the total transactions occurring at such venues as under the table sales is patently false and a gross miscarriage of the truth.

Thank you for impeaching your own credibility Art.


But you don't have to be a licensed vendor to sell guns at a gun show, and if you aren't licensed, you don't have to perform a background check. You can legally sell that gun to anyone you want without performing a background check or knowing anything about that person at all, really. That's the point.


Arthur, you have your facts wrong about Virginia Tech. Those unfortunate people were not killed by a military style weapon. They were killed by semi-automatic pistols. The pistols used were the same weapons anyone could purchase. Blame the shooter and not the weapon.


Democrats refuse to come to grips with the consequences of their own actions. Right before the monster murdered all those kids, the Chancellor of VT proudly announced how safe they were now that they voted down CCW on campus.

Also, VT has not answered to why their mental health 'professionals' refused to refer cho to the state police, who would have blocked any firearms sales to him.

Its so much easier to blame everyone in America who DIDN'T have anything to do with this tragedy, than own up to your own failed policies.


You have heard this before but some people refuse to listen. It's not the gun, stupid. Do you blame the automobile for highway deaths? Do you blame liquor companies for alchohol related deaths? Do fat people blame spoons for their obesity? STOP BLAMING murder on law abiding citizens. Think about this, 6 million Jews were exterminated because they believed if they just submitted to Hitler they would be spared. Should you find your self in a situation where a gun is pointed at you, be sure to ask if that gun meets the Governors requirements. I was a speaker at last night's meeting. I was there from start to finish. Only one person had comment's negative to the Governor's edict. The rest of us were "smelly Walmart shoppers".


Thank you for your efforts Mr. Deplorable. It's a shame we all couldn't have attended and heard your words but for the fact that the meeting was held in such a small forum that the majority of constituents were forced to stand outside in the cold. The Board of Supervisors did a stupendous job of insulating themselves from the very voters who put them in office and I hope that they are reminded of this during the next election cycle.


Outstanding comment Mr. von Keller - I believe in the

second Amendment also, but fearful of the number and types of guns that are marketed every year. We also had an enormous number of people tthat came out for the Second Amendment Pep Rally in PWC this week. Looks likes everyone is armed in the County. What was so troubling beyond the hatefulness of some gun owners (kill all the Democrats!!!), many lies circulated throughout the meeting. One former Delegate stated that Governor Northam was going to ban handguns, others trivialized assault weapons. Countless numbers of people verbalized their fear of others who own guns and will come into their homes at night and assault them. Others denied that assault weapons will kill 60 people per minute. Most people believe that the Second Amendment is here to stay. People will always be ableto buy weapons for self defense. BUT, what do we do when new weapons are created? How about pointing guns out our front windows to shoot people in our yards....etc.. Or the guns that can be connected to porch cameras!!! Many cameras can be placed on porches and with little trouble, activated with gun fire from miles away.


Stay fearful, little one. But then ask your democrat representatives why they are surrounded by guns - if they are so scary and so dangerous.

If you were at the Fauquier supervisors meeting tonight, you would have seen the supervisors surrounded by armed people, paid for with our money.

Comment deleted.

...says the presumptuous, name calling little so and so... jeez dude, I see you’re still at it... give it a rest... oh, and don’t forget to give your party a good kiss tonight.

Comment deleted.

@ Ivana...

You had the identical comment to me on another opinion piece a while back. As I pointed out to you then, I called no names and am not a dude. Perhaps some new material is in order?

Comment deleted.

You may be getting the message. You see, it is you who are a broken record in terms of your MO – never a thoughtful, analytical comment to the opinion presented, just a vicious, personal attack on another commenter. Why don’t you take your own advice and drop the animosity towards other residents? I know it’s hard for people who follow your party’s ideology, so believe me I have no expectations.

Comment deleted.

@ Ivana...

The only animosity I see here is coming from you.

Comment deleted.

…debating Democrats…sheesh…like chasing a squirrel around the backyard with a tennis racket…


If they had been at the Fauquier BOS meeting last night they would have seen a peaceful crowd of CITIZENS standing in the cold in solidarity, quietly and resolutely expressing their opinion that their GOD-GIVEN 2nd Amendment Rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.... despite the fact that the BOS must have known that they would have a huge turn out they saw fit to keep the venue so as to force their constituents to brave the elements.

Thank you, all of my neighbors and friend who attended and did their civic duty!


Others denied that assault weapons will kill 60 people per minute.

Those would be informed people who use FBI crime statistics, which state that more people are kil led with blunt objects than rifles, of which so called assault weapons are only a tiny subset.


According to the FBI homicide data, there were 15,070 reported murders in the United States in 2016, 11,004 of which were victims of murder by guns: 7,105 handgun victims, 374 rifle victims, 262 shotgun victims, and 3,263 victims of murder by a different type of gun, or by an unspecified gun. In comparison, there were 472 reported victims of murder by blunt objects.

I prefer fact to frenzy.


Reference your comment below since I cannot reply to it.

Check the time stamps on our replies, mine was reference Froedrick above, not yours.

RE: your belief that God had nothing to do with the Constitution or the 2nd Amendment then you clearly have no idea as to the intent of the document or it's subsequent Amendments enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Don't believe me? Take some time and read The Federalist Papers where the founders made their intent clear. This nation was founded in Judeo-Christian values as much as you may wish to believe otherwise and the rights enshined in the Bill of Rights were believed to be those imparted upon humanity by it's creator... not some scrap of parchment with a list of rules humans decided to give themselves.

I will agree with some of the points you mentioned...

-Prevent the mentally ill from purchasing guns? Yes.

-Barring gun purchases of people on watch lists? So long as it's properly adjudicated of course.

-Gun shows? That's a non-issue, the majority of vendors at gun shows are FFL's and already must perform NICS checks on gun sales. You're conflating private sales and FFL Dealer sales under the heading of "Gun Show" and assuming they are one in the same.

-Assault style weapons? Define assault weapon and how does it differ from a semi-automatic hunting rifle. "Assault weapon" is nothing but a ginned up term for a black gun with a couple of cosmetic features that have absolutely no bearing on the actual functionality of the firearm.

-Federal Database? No need for a database when +99% of firearms owners never commit a crime with theirs. Shall we create a database and log every knife? How about hammers? Ladders cause as many deaths as reported long gun murders. Perhaps we should start a ladder registry....


So do I. 374, of which none by 'assault weapons, which are class lll full auto, compared to 472, ALL of which were a result of blunt objects.

Now, how many opioid deaths were there, and when will ralphie call out the national guard to address that?


Absolutely sir. The left preys on ignorance, and the media promulgates it. Rifles in general are responsible for less than 3% of the total number of gun deaths in which the type of firearm is reported. "Assault Weapons" are not even a delineated statistic under the UCR.


@ two_amber

First, I am not a "sir", although I'm not surprised you think anyone who speaks up should be male. What is undisputed is that we have the highest per capita gun death rate in the so-called civilized world.

The US is the only free country where children carry bullet-proof backpacks and have regular shooter drills. I cited the FBI data because it is appalling, regardless of the specific gun used or the accessories added to it.

Finally, “god” had nothing to do with crafting our constitution and the founders made sure of that; so your dubious Second Amendment rights are far from god-given as you claimed earlier.

Virginia is now a blue state and Fauquier County is also evolving. We do not need to be a sanctuary for gangs and radicals therefore most sane people oppose it. FYI, the majority in both Democratic and Republican parties support the following, from the Pew Research Center, 3-4/2017:

* Preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns

* Barring gun purchases from people on no-fly or watch lists

* Background checks for private sales and for gun shows

* Banning assault-style weapons

* Creating a federal data base to track gun sales

I own 2 guns, it is a necessity to protect my livestock and put sick and severely injured animals out of their misery. However, some common sense gun reform is long past due and the majority supports it.


Another issue leftists use as a canard is the 'no fly list'

If they are too dangerous to let on a plane, why are they in our country? Are democrats THAT desperate for votes?


@JBH… Thank you my dear for your research into the statistics and thoughtful opinion. Now we can have a discussion – we can agree and we can disagree. I don’t agree with many of your points – especially a national registry as I’m opposed vehemently to more intrusion into my private life by the federal government and for the reasons cited by “two_amber_lamps.” But I do wholeheartedly agree with your point about private gun sales and I don’t mean the sales conducted by an FFL broker. If any private citizen can sell a gun to another citizen without a background check – well that sounds like a loophole to me and one that should be closed. Private sales should, at a minimum, be required legally to go through an FFL broker and the penalty for not doing so should be stiff. In fact, any violation of our existing laws involving a gun should be stiff (if not stiffer). Law abiding citizens need not worry about stiff penalties when it comes to a crime involving a gun.


As I thought more about this, it dawned on me that gifting and inheriting guns also creates a loophole. When my dad passed, my family got his hunting rifle and shotgun. No background checks. We no longer want them and were thinking of giving them to my brother. And I wasn’t planning to do a background check on him.


"...others trivialized assault weapons."

"...Others denied that assault weapons will kill 60 people per minute."

Oh where to begin... an "assault weapon" is nothing more than a semi-automatic rifle with a collection of features deemed "scary" by those who by and large don't even understand what they're regulating. Items like barrel shrouds, pistol grips, flash suppressors, collapsible stocks, etc. which under current legislation delineate "assault rifles" from any other rifle are nothing more than COSMETIC FEATURES. They have zero, zip, nada.... NO effect on the cyclic rate of that weapon. In other words they are still only semi-automatic weapons. One pull of the trigger equals one bullet through the barrel.

In other words, you're defining a firearm that operates in exactly the same manner as any other long gun as a different class of firearm based solely on physical characteristics. In some circles that would make you a bigot... but levity aside, these are silly arguments made by those who're intimidated by that which they clearly don't understand.

Secondly: Based on current FBI statistics the VAST MAJORITY of firearms used in murders in the US are HANDGUNS.... per the 2016 FBI Unified Crime Reports over 11,000 deaths were a result of handguns used as murder weapon. Rifles? Less than three hundred. And what percentage of those were "assault rifles?" The UCR doesn't even bother to delineate such.

Therefore the term "Assault Rifle" plays barely a role in statistics collected by the FBI and the numbers of deaths resulting from such PALE in comparison to the numbers resulting from hand guns.

The Second Amendment doesn't delineate classes of firearms, nor does it classify which citizens should or should not be able to own them. Should we limit that right? Perhaps... violent felons and those proven to visit harm on their fellow citizen have clearly forsaken that right. But when you state you are "fearful of the number and types of guns" then I'm thankful that the likes of you are not responsible for determining the laws regulating OUR RIGHTS are not determined by the likes of you.

Jim Goodwin

The gun debate has gotten so stupid. We aren't going to solve the shooting problems with more government interventions.

The problem is behavioral. In fact, even if you were able to wipe away all the guns in the world and usher in the Democratic Utopia, humans would still want to tear it down just to have something interesting to do.

Nope. Until social engineering or mind control or downright genetic manuplation are perfected, humans are going to be what humans have been for millenia.

So we need to stop looking to government to fix our ills. That has never worked and it never will.

Instead, adopt as much responsibility as you can muster. Care for yourself, your family and your community. Stop comparing yourself to other people and, instead, compare yourself today to yourself yesterday.

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