I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. (Don) Bachmann (Fauquier Times, July 24) in exhorting us all to return to civil dialogue in our country. Where I disagree with him is his echoing the Democrat and media mantras that President (Donald) Trump is a major, contributing source to this division.  

We so often hear things like “the most divisive president in our history.” Mr. Bachmann talks about the dangers from fringes of both sides of the political spectrum. While this is, of course, true, from my vantage point, the lion’s share of the problem comes from the left. Before the president was even inaugurated, and non-stop since, a full-blown resistance movement was organized on the left and in the media, with non-stop criticism of the president and those who support him.  

From the far-right, we all remember and decry the neo-Nazis, about 50 as I recall, who demonstrated in Charlottesville a couple of years ago, with a young woman being killed in ensuing violent confrontations. But beyond that, where is the ongoing campaign of hate and violence from the right?  

The reason we keep hearing about “Charlottesville” is that it appears to be about the only major example. The neo-Nazi white supremacist group could only marshal zero people in an anniversary celebration in Charlottesville, and only 20 showed up for a national demonstration. Conversely, we’ve seen multiple instances across the country of black-clad Antifa mobs intimidating and beating non-violent supporters of free-speech and President Trump, to include vandalism of multiple buildings and burning cars. We’ve seen conservative politicians and administration figures harassed and chased out of restaurants, with such actions even encouraged by Democrat politicians. We see free speech, if it is conservative speech, shouted down, threatened and not tolerated on campuses and other venues.  

The most recent example is conservative journalist Andy Ngo in Portland who was beaten and pelted with milkshakes laced with cement in Portland. I have seen none of this activity coming from the right directed toward the left.  

I’m all for civil and rational dialogue, and if we don’t somehow get back to that place, the results will be disastrous for our country. But let’s not miss where the real source of this division and rancor is coming from.  

Greg Schumacher  

The Plains 


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To Greg, applause! To Ms Ward, What???

Linda Ward

It's not complicated.

Linda Ward

Not once did Mr. Bachmann mention Trump or 3rd Reich lovers in his letter. You are reading into what you think he is saying. Why is that? Feeling guilty or admitting that there is a huckster in our midst, whipping the crowds into a frenzy with the old shell games and untruths. Mr. Bachmann was talking, I believe, in not taking certain people at face value and to learn to understand a con when you see and hear it. Don't follow the crowd.


The desperation is palpable.

Linda Ward

Agreed. Insert anyone's name in place of Trump's in the Mueller Report and the Republicans would be all over the person to have them indicted.

Linda Ward

Your empty head is palpable.


Scratch a democrat, and find a personal insult.

Linda Ward

LOLOLOL, yes, the desperation is very evident. What will you do when your savior is gone, such a quandary.


Linda Ward, you asked ' Amercan first' what he'd do when his Savior is gone? Well I ask you, what did you do when your Obama was gone? And what did you do when his apparent (Clinton) lost the election? Seems to me you came down with an awful case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I take offense by your side calling us Trump supporters racist and Hitler followers. But that's par for the course. You guys have nothing better to do than paint us as such. You cant defeat us with your policies and arguments because you are always wrong . So what do you resort too? The most offensive label you can put on someone in Hope that the masses will be convinced of it. I'm sorry, you and your left wing babies have used the terms too often and you have watered down the meaning of the term. Try this novel idea and instead of calling us names, get some new ideas and bring them to the table to debate. Maybe , just maybe, you may win some people over.

Linda Ward

When did I call anyone a racist and Hitler follower? Are you projecting what you see in the mirror?


Not once did Mr. Bachmann mention Trump or 3rd Reich lovers in his letter

3rd Reich lovers? Grow up and own your puerile diatribes.

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