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Here’s how it goes down, as so often in third-world countries. 

A charismatic leader arises. He makes a strong appeal to passionately held emotions and the suppressed anger of a large segment of the population. He establishes a mythical alternative view of reality by denying facts and telling the “big lie.” 

He engages in scapegoating, often carrying it to the point of incarcerating disfavored minorities, such as happened in Nazi Germany to the Jews, gypsies and homosexuals, among others. He pursues a program of social exclusivity that borders on theories of racial superiority. 

He eliminates knowledgeable experts who don’t share his view of the world. 

He suppresses the right of participation in elections and political life for those who oppose him in order to maintain and increase his power. 

He demands perfect loyalty and tolerates no opinions that do not mirror his own. He punishes any who oppose or disagree with him. 

He establishes himself above the law and immune from personal scrutiny or public accountability. 

The result is rule by one man or by a narrow cabal of close adherents to his cause. 

We’ve seen this time and time again in third-world countries, and sometimes even in nations that are more developed. But this is America, the land of the good. It could never happen here in this sensible, fair-minded land. 

Or could it? 

Norman Reid 


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Concerned citizen

Sounds like he is talking about Barry Soetoro, who was held to much lower standards for some reason. It has become obvious that Trump's election disrupted some deep rooted and well funded plans to "fundamentally change this country" as he said after winning in 2008.




This country has never been more in need of fundamental change than it is now, thanks to your beloved bunker boy. We are on the verge of well-justified race riots, suffering from a devastating pandemic, reeling from a crashed economy and watching foreign enemies (encouraged by tRump*) tampering with our elections for their gain.

Just for the record, although this data is from 9/18, it is quite telling and an update would make it even more condemning of your mango messiah…

Total number of felony indictments - Trump - 35 after 1.7 years

Obama - 0 after 8 years

Then there’s this:

Felonies in Cabinet/Administration by President’s party -

Democrats - 4 indicted, 2 convicted, 2 incarcerated

Republicans - 127 indicted, 95 convicted, 26 incarcerated

Who’s being held to a low bar? The internet may be a novel toy for you, but many of us have used it in research and documentation for decades. We can easily disprove lies and don’t swallow propaganda.

Concerned citizen

"We can easily disprove lies and don’t swallow propaganda." Haha! The only internet research you could come up with is about his birth certificate! You previously said you have a master's degree, you need to go back to school to update your liberal indoctrination.

Obama's "fundamental change" is to change this country from a constitutional republic to a communist state. You failed to mention why all his college transcripts were sealed before he was funded by Soros to get into politics. And for some reason you also neglected to include Obama sending guns to drug Lord's in Mexico, using federal agencies to spy on political rivals, the IRS to target conservatives, lying about Benghazi, the list goes on and on. There are books about Obama's misdoings. He is lucky the press held him to a much lower standard than Trump.

It is obvious there was a deep rooted plan. The queen of corruption was to be elected. Then the Clinton Foundation would be paid (because she did nothing if she wasn't being paid under the table) to put Obama and Holder on the Supreme Court to unwrite the Constitution. Why else did Obama buy a mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of DC, which he has since moved out of. I won't even get into him being the first president to accumulate a wealth of $7M while in office.

And if Bush had done to Obama what Obama is doing to Trump; following him around the world and publicly criticizing him for everything, there would have been a public outcry. Obama has set another low standard for ex-presidents to follow. If it weren't for hypocrisy the new Democratic party wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

So when the commie takeover is complete, and all your freedoms erased, what will you do if you can't even use your novel toys?


This would be some funny stuff - if some people weren't gullible enough to think it were true.


Identify the untrue parallels.


Our country is in a sad state of affairs, any way you look at it. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I take it further and state those who don't like the present want to rewrite history. We may be turning into a third world country but for all the reasons stated by Mr. Reid's comments, not due to immigration. Otherwise, we would have been no better off than the countries some of the ancestors fled looking for a better life.


With illegal immigration and their refusal to assimilate to US standards, we are a 3rd world country in some parts by actions and conditions.....


Hi Norman, so you’re calling Joe Biden a “A charismatic leader”? I’m assuming that’s who this letter is referring to.


Hillary lost. Get over it.


Every single thing written here by Mr. Reid is fact. Perhaps you should open your eyes.

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