My husband Joe and I have served in public service for over 40 years and never imagined we would be ones to call upon fire and rescue or the sheriff’s office to respond to our home for assistance. However, that all changed on Sept. 30, 2019.

It had been an extremely wet, rainy week and the ground was saturated, causing trees to uproot; one did on our property. The tree blocked our entire driveway and needed to be removed. My husband decided to push the tree off the driveway with his tractor. This seemed to be an easy means to resolve the problem, but the tree had other things in mind.

The tree limbs snapped and struck him in the face, causing him to fall off the tractor full force. Fortunately, a neighbor was home and called 911. Fire Chief Darren Stevens, with his team from New Baltimore Fire and Rescue included: Lt. Peter Moznich, Mahlon Johnson, Chris Robinson, Aaron Peters, Connor Schiro, and Cpl. J.M. Coppage with Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office responded within minutes.

Joe was transported to a local hospital and treated for his immediate injuries. Due to the severity of the injuries, he was subsequently transported to the trauma ICU unit at Inova Fairfax. Their quick response saved his life.

We are deeply grateful to New Baltimore rescue and the sheriff’s office team of professionals. When we were transported for medical care the team moved our tractor equipment, removed the tree from the driveway and secured our home.

Sandy Higgs

Joe Higgs (Ret. Fauquier County Sheriff)

New Baltimore

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