Virginia Del. Michael J. Webert, 18th District, wrote this letter supporting Sheriff Robert Mosier for reelection in the June 11 Republican primary for Fauquier County sheriff. 

As your delegate, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sheriff Mosier over the past few years. I’m supporting Bob Mosier’s re-election as your sheriff because there is no one better for the job! He has made fundamental improvements in your sheriff’s office and clearly is the man to keep. 

Bob’s credentials and law enforcement experience speaks for itself. 

He was a deputy in his early years right here in Fauquier. He stood out among his peers as innovative and detailed in his investigative assignments. His training, education and superior performance led to increasingly challenging work that ultimately took him to senior executive law enforcement advisory roles to the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense.    

Mosier’s work abroad has been recognized in the book Terrify No More, written by Gary Haugen detailing the dangers of his undercover operations with the U.N. Mission Police Task Force. Mosier was highly successful in introducing and training numerous developing countries’ police forces in sophisticated undercover surveillance techniques.   

Why is his record important to you? Because Sheriff Mosier has brought his extensive experience to your county and is making your lives safer.  

As just one example, since becoming sheriff over three years ago, the sheriff’s office has increased drug arrests in Fauquier by a staggering 39 percent. And the work being done under Mosier’s leadership in other areas of crime awareness and prevention, undercover narcotics ops, school safety and law enforcement accreditation is just as impressive. 

Sheriff Mosier has made promises to you and has kept every single one of them.  Vote in your primary on June 11 and allow him to continue serving you. 


Del. Michael J. Webert, 18th District  

Virginia House of Delegates  

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There are those who are impervious to facts, reason and common sense…Litigator and Real LE are two of them. Litigator, from his moniker, apparently had an unpleasant experience with Sheriff Mosier in court and has an axe to grind. Real LE is likely one of the two members on Cochrane’s campaign committee, if not Cochrane himself…and we know he is prone to hyperbole.

We heard in the last election from Bob Mosier’s detractors that international law enforcement experience has no value for a local sheriff. So that fantasy is repeated here by attempting to diminish a good man with a fine reputation and an impressive list of accomplishments, for the sake of political gain in an election. It’s dirty, it’s small, and reveals much about the character of those flinging the dirt. It’s the kind of politics that makes most people angry.

For the record, again, Sheriff Mosier has 35 years of untarnished experience as a sworn Virginia law enforcement officer, including three plus years as your sheriff. For fifteen of those years he served as an active deputy in Prince William and Fauquier Counties, and many years as a Special Deputy in Culpeper County. His work with the International Justice Mission (IJM) as Vice President of Investigations, and mocked by Real LE and Litigator, took him to the front lines of hardcore undercover work, mostly in third world countries, fighting against international drug gangs, human traffickers (including child sex trafficking), and terrorists. It’s not the kind of work Sheriff Mosier’s opponent has even come close to.

Sheriff Mosier worked as the Deputy Senior Executive Police Advisor to the Dept of Defense and the Dept of State embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq for 2 years, and with the US Mission of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement Affairs. This is not small stuff, but those opposing him in this election campaign make mockery of Sheriff Mosier, yet don’t have the credentials that can walk the talk...not by a long shot.

You think government interagency and international law enforcement work has no value in local law enforcement? The networking value alone that Mosier brings to our county is priceless. Because of his experience and with his modern technical investigative knowledge, he has inroads at the local, state, federal and global agency levels that his opponent in this election couldn’t dream of. Look at the success the men and women in the Sheriff’s Office have achieved under Mosier’s leadership in drug busting and the record trajectory in drug related arrests…a 39% increase in just three years. That’s what Mosier leadership is, and it’s just a small portion of the accomplishments we, Fauquier County residents, have benefited under Sheriff Mosier.

Delegate Webert is spot on in his comments. Litigator and Real LE…you have much to learn.


Agreed and well-put.

It seems that Cochrane -- formerly President of the union for Fairfax police -- is better suited to a Democratic nomination and a general election contest than he is for a Republican Party primary in Fauquier County.

I belong to neither party but our household offers strong support and backing for the re-election of Sheriff Bob Mosier. I have the right to vote in the Republican primary but will not exercise that right largely because it so disturbs local Republicans (many of whom I support).


Griffin, I hope you do vote. This is not a closed primary on June 11th. It is open to all registered voters in Fauquier County. It's important as the November election is uncontested, so the winner of this primary will be our next sheriff.

Real LE

If Mosier is so school safety conscious, why then does he have two SRO's away from their schools this entire week and one away last week for a meaningless bike school that could be taken over the summer? Is it because he needs to roll out a bike team just is time for the election. Why does he tell the public that all schools are covered by SRO's when they are not? Why is he promising SRO's in every elementary school when in his budget he only asked for a part time analyst? Is that because the budget has been so mismanaged? Why does he have a non certified officer carrying a badge and gun working cold cases? Political favor? Please stop refering to overseas work as pol,ice work. I worked on a contract training officers to go over seas to work with local cops and they had no law enforcement powers. They were making tons of money and when we debriefed some upon their return they admitted the work was just a group of private contractors making money. That is not law enforcement experience.


I support you on many issues Michael but not on this one. Bob Mosier was away for many years and so much changed. His experience abroad being away for so long did not and does not make him qualified for local law enforcement nor does it make him a leader. You mention school safety so let's talk about how Sheriff Mosier has been the biggest obstacle in the hiring of the school security officers in the public school system. All Sheriff Mosier did was seize the opportunity to make this program look as if it was his when by law and I reiterate by law they are hired by the school board, not law enforcement. And while we are on the topic let's talk about HB 2142 a bill that not only did you support but Sheriff Mosier alongside you did. The general public does not follow legislation but I do. School Protection Officers was the bill that I full support being vetoed by Governor Northam and for a die hard Republican like myself does not happen. This bill was poorly written because it was so vague that the Virginia Center for School safety under DCJS did not even support it. Sheriff Mosier is running a campaign to put a school resource officer in every elementary school and his plan was to use this bill to convince the school division to hand over the newly hired school security officers and make them school resource officers all with your help since you were a patron of the bill and voted yes to support it. Sheriff Mosier is playing politics with school safety in Fauquier County and as far as I am concerned has placed his political career first making numerous attempts to only make himself look good. The public has no clue but many well educated people do. I ask you this Michael. How did Sheriff Mosier plan to place a school resource officer in every elementary school when he only asked for one new position, a part time crime analyst? I will tell you how. Sheriff Mosier hoped that HR 2142 would make it into law allowing him to hire retired law enforcement officers on a part time basis as school protection officers to provide limited law enforcement and security services to Virginia secondary and elementary schools. The bill was so vague from a lawyers perspective because it did not spell out what limited law enforcement and security services were and required DCJS to establish minimum compulsory training standards for a law that was so vague that they simply could not do as the bill was written. Like I said Michael you have and will continue to have my support but you are wrong on Sherif Mosier. Books do not make good leaders but honesty and integrity sure do. Sheriff Mosier had plans to take our school security officers and convince the school board to let him have the positions as school protection officers without the public even having a clue. School security officers are a valuable asset to our community and can do more to protect our schools as school division employees with a broader authority of the questioning and searching of students and school property and enforcing school policies, an authority that law enforcement officers do not have.

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