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LETTER: Strange times in Fauquier County

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

After careful consideration, I think the current Fauquier County School Board should resign, en masse. Ah, but not for the reason you think.

I think it would be fun to watch the center-right school board get replaced by the QAnon crowd! Who better to guide the education of your children than someone sticking a non-ferromagnetic copper-coated zinc penny to their skin and asking what makes it … magnetic? This is pure comedic gold – especially since these particular folks have no idea what I just wrote.

In these times of anti-COVID-19 vax, anti-Guardasil, (Bring on the HPV-related cancer, the mumps, measles and polio.) I honor these anti-establishment folks and their desire to become members of the, well, establishment.

These folks are better educated in medicine than our local doctors. They’ve been doing their own research: reading Facebook, Twitter and blogs. I’m pretty sure they could sew their own arm back on or do a bowel resection on the kitchen table with their eyes closed. I think setting their own compound fracture, wiping down the bone with a used washcloth before putting the Band-aid on is a good idea.

To borrow from Vizzini (from “The Princess Bride”): “Joseph Lister, Louie Pasteur? Morons!”

I just think it’s time for the current folks to get a little breather – a little time on the sidelines to watch the fun. Let the QAnon crowd take control. To all those people that don’t vote, thank you for helping put on the show. To quote an old TV show, “Sometimes you have to pull down your pants and slide on the ice.”

Andrew Herstek


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Cameron Jones

I'm pretty sure Mr. Herstek dosen't know what he just wrote, but doesn't he sound SOOO much smarter than all the rest of us? Thank you Fauquier Democrat for publishing another enlightening point of view!


Why are all these letters always so lazy and condescending? Is this paper written by Democrats in a heavy Republican County? Been a member for a month, but it may be time to cancel already.


Mr. Rowzee, you are correct.

Mike Rowzee

I cant imagine what worse this opinion, or the people who would publish it.

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