There’s nothing I enjoy more for dinner than baked codfish dished up on boiled potatoes. And, while out shopping the taste buds never fail to lead me to the grocery store seafood counter to check the price on this favorite fish. It was on such a routine outing last Wednesday that a chill shot down my spine when I saw the wrapped codfish at a Warrenton supermarket was marked “product of Russia.” No kidding, my first thought was, “Is it safe?”

This was right after Britain determined that the Russians had used a banned chemical warfare agent to poison three people in Salisbury, England. After Russia posted on the internet video of their H-bombs incinerating American cities. After Russian cyberwarfare units tried to hack the voter registration rolls right here in Virginia and in dozens of other states in an attempt to destroy our democratic process. And, after the Russian foreign minister called our concerns about all this “boorish,” when we complained.

I guess this overpriced Russian codfish must have slipped through the sanctions net and made it to the supermarket on Rt. 211. In the U.S. we harvest cod in Alaska, off the New England coast and many of our NATO allies bring this product to market. So why in the world is this Russian Codfish on the shelf right here in river city? On this one I'll think globally and act locally. It's catfish for me. Let Vladimir Putin stew in his own cod.

Michael Morgan


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This article makes my mouth watery because I am also a fish lover. However this article is wrote with attention to fishes and get myassignmenthelp refundw to manage your task. Keep it up!


I know exactly what you mean. I've stopped buying the "Nature's Promise" brand (Giant/Martin's "organic" brand) from our local Culpeper Martin's after discovering to my horror that their fresh/frozen tuna is from Vietnam & - this is a good one - their frozen green beans are a product of China. Really? They can't find a source for organic green beans anywhere in the U.S.??? Have to get them from China??? I'm think something is very, very fishy re: Giant's "Nature's Promise" brand.

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