There’s a Republican primary this June that will determine the party’s choice of two candidates for sheriff of Fauquier County. This is my story of why Sheriff Bob Mosier should be re-elected.  I am a lifelong Democrat, so for me, this election is not about politics, it’s about keeping a man in office who has accomplished so much in just three years. 

For anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to meet Sheriff Mosier, I would strongly encourage you to do so. I met Bob in the summer of 2015 during his first election campaign, shortly after losing my youngest son to a fatal heroin overdose. My first impression of Bob was that he genuinely cared. He was very concerned about the drug problems in Fauquier County, and assured me that he was going to approach the problems of addiction head on. He has done just that, and continues to do so. 

While working with the sheriff's office, I have seen many positive changes, and more are yet to come.  Some of these changes include creation of The Travis Project, which is one that I hold close to my heart because this program was started in memory of my son, Travis. This became the revive program for Fauquier County started by Sheriff Mosier. This program allows all deputies to carry and administer Narcan to revive people suffering from overdose. I am proud to say that we have saved many lives in our community. 

Under Sheriff Mosier’s leadership, improved methods of investigating and training have been developed to help identify suppliers and dealers, resulting in more arrests for those trafficking and dealing. The sheriff's office has partnership programs that include inmate addiction and mental health services, Combating Heroin, Hidden-In-Plain Sight and random drug searches in the middle and high schools. Sheriff Mosier is chairman of The Blue Ridge Gang Narcotics Taskforce and works closely with Prince William County and other jurisdictions to confront the opioid crisis. 

The first time I met Bob Mosier, he handed me a business card. On the back of that card was his personal cell phone number. He knew I was still grieving the death of my son and encouraged me to call him day or night. This spoke volumes to me.  This man didn't even know me, yet he was there for me in my greatest time of need. He genuinely cares about his community and its citizens. 

There are other great changes that space doesn’t permit me to list. Sheriff Mosier is always involved in community events.  You see him everywhere. He is indeed The people's sheriff. His record clearly speaks for itself. Every promise this man has made, he has kept, including achieving the first-time-ever accreditation of the sheriff's office. 

I am extremely proud to have this sheriff, as well as the entire staff in the sheriff's office working for, protecting and representing our community. I encourage you to get to know him, and discuss any concerns that you may have. I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Vote for Bob Mosier Fauquier County Sheriff 2019.

Betty Ramsburg


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The Hidden in Plain Sight program has not been implemented in the middle and high schools. A few were trained a few months ago and there was a presentation down in Remington. Also random K-9 searches have been around for a long time so our current sheriff can't take credit for what has been in our public schools since former sheriff Joe Higgs took office. This is the problem. Too much false information being spread around.

Tell It Like It Is

Perhaps the author should look more closely at additional candidates from the other side. [huh]

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