By now, many of you have heard some version of my story. I grew up in Appalachia on the other side of the mountains and moved here following a teaching job. Eventually, my wife and I realized that we were going to have a baby, and with that realization, came a critical examination of my home, what it should and could be. I began to realize that there’s so much that we, as a Commonwealth do right, but so much that we need to do better.

That moment is 62,000 doors, tens of thousands of phone calls, and tens of thousands of text messages in the past. Now, we sit mere days from the election, and all those days and hours have boiled down to a series of choices. This election is a choice between protecting people with pre-existing conditions, or not. Between fully funding our schools, or not. Between joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or not. Between prohibiting contributions from regulated utilities, or not.  Between recommitting to the idea of a citizen legislator with term limits, or not.

The list goes on, and the choices might, too, except that ultimately the choice is singular. I ask you to choose me to represent you. There is nothing more sacred in a democracy than a person’s vote, and so please know that I ask with a full sense of the gravitas of that ask. Serving you would be the honor of my lifetime.
Ronnie Ross
Democrat for Virginia Senate, District 27

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Michelle A

As a parent of a former student that Mr. Ross taught and guided through high school at Highland School, I cannot say enough wonderful things about his character and passion for education. He helped my son through what could have been a very difficult medical diagnosis and helped him create a life long love of literature. He sparked a love of learning in my son that has carried him through college. I watched this with every child he taught. He is a well loved teacher at Highland. Ronnie Ross helped shaped the creative and thoughtful minds of our current generation in Fauquier. I can't tell you how thankful we were that Mr. Ross was our son's English teacher and advisor. He was absolutely instrumental in shaping him into the man he is today. He cares deeply about the community, education, children, and the environment and I know that he would be an excellent representative for us in Richmond. Please vote for him on November 5th.


A vote for democrats is a vote for illegal aliens, gun control, against our constitution and support for anarchy.


Recently received a mailing from Ronnie Ross campaign. Said he wasn't a politician. Right! Are you running for office? Oh, yes you are. You are a politician. From Dictionary... pol·i·ti·cian


Learn to pronounce


a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.


Your grasp of English vocabulary is astounding. Wish your comprehension of reality was equally astute.

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