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LETTER: Republicans have become Trumplicans

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There are very fine people on both sides, unless you are the Republican Party and Liz Cheney is on one of those sides. Evidently there’s no room for Liz in today’s Republican leadership. We all know her crime – acknowledging Trump lost the election, and calling out “The Big Lie” propagated by Trump and his sycophants.

After Trump’s election loss last November, and the events of Jan. 6, many of us were watching to see which way the Republican Party would turn, post-Trump. Would they return to the Republican Party of old? Or stay in the thrall of Trump?

It’s sad to say, but we can all see what is happening. The party of Everett Dirksen and Charles H. Percy, John McCain and Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, even the party of W, is no more. They should change the name from the Republican Party to the Trumplican Party, or The Party of Trump. There is no room for dissent within the Grand Old Party. And it’s not just with Cheney.

In Utah at a Republican meeting, the crowd loudly booed Romney. They almost voted to censure him. In Arizona, the GOP DID vote to censure Cindy McCain, widow of John McCain. In Arizona, they also continue to challenge last November’s election results, despite the fact their own Republican elected officials certified the election results multiple times. Kevin McCarthy, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio and other hopefuls all continue to make their pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago. It has become the Republican Mecca.

Until 2017, I was a lifelong Independent voter. Over the course of my life, I voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents in elections from the local level, all the way to presidential. In 2017, after Charlottesville, Donald Trump pushed me to the Democratic Party.

I have pondered whether I would return to my roots as an independent voter after Trump was gone from office. The Republican Party’s actions of the last week, and the last four months indicate that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

-- Max Hall


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