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I've been noticing in The Fauquier Times, more frequently than not, that there seems to be more negative articles about our president in your opinion page/and letters to the editor than positive ones. I'm sure it's not because there have been no positive articles sent to your newspapers for printing. 

Now-a-days, I don't think anyone of either party trusts the news media, but I would hope that our little town of Warrenton would have a newspaper which would be fair and balanced, with opinions on both sides. 

Well, it doesn't appear to be that way lately, and I'm beginning to believe that perhaps the Fauquier Times (as I have said in the past) should revert back to its previous title: The Fauquier Democrat! 

Nancy Anderson 


Note from the editor: Letters to the editor are printed in the order that they are received, as space on our opinion pages permits. If space does not allow for all letters to be printed, they may be published the next week. Letters are not omitted because they present a certain point of view or political leaning. Some weeks, letters from one side of the political aisle may dominate; other weeks, those from another political point of view may be more prominent.

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Just remember to vote :)


Completely agree with Nancy Anderson. Vote Trump for national strength internally, internationally, and economically. Vote against the Left liberal socialists, who are running the Democrat Party and cannot wait to turn the country into another radical liberal state like Northam is working to do to Virginia. Vote Republican in 2020.


The reason why there have been so many letters "negative to the president" is simply due to the fact that there is nothing at all positive to the president to write about.

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