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Found it fascinating to learn today that Trump believes he has “absolute control” over our country. “No responsibility,” his own words, but “absolute control,” again, a direct quote. 

As I recall, our government is based on three equal branches of government; the legislative, the judicial and the executive. Trump represents one third of that, the executive  as has been pointed out to him numerous times. 

George Washington made it clear that he did not want to be a king, he wanted to be a president because he believed that was in the best interests of our country, a democratic republic. What a dichotomy between two presidents! 

I, as one of very many, am tired of the televised evening misinformation, propaganda and self-aggrandizement rallies. I am sick of being lied to and treated as a pawn for his self-enrichment. Trump has never actually realized that he is indeed a public servant and not a monarch. 

Therefore, Trump can proclaim by edict whatever date he wants to “re-open” the country. While my heart bleeds for our local small businesses, restaurants and shops, I also come from a medical family whose greatest plea is for us to stay home until it is safe to do otherwise. 

I will rely on my governor and the medical experts (not an irresponsible, narcissistic conman obsessed with re-election) to let me know when that is. Hopefully, for the sake of your friends, family and neighbors, you will do the same. We are not pawns in his sick game unless we choose to be. 

Joan Hellandsjo 


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I think you are pointing your finger at the wrong person. It's Nancy Pelosi that thinks only she runs the government and has all but said it. I am constantly amazed by people that have no real first hand knowledge of what the President actually said, criticizing what they were told he said by the likes of FAKE news. While Democrats attempt to change the face of America by using BLACKMAIL to advance their un American agenda during this crisis is the epitome of deception and underhandednes. This president is the apitomy of TRANSPARENCY. He acts on what he says! Democrats pick of Joe Biden shows the depths of their deceit. They know he does NOT have the capacity to govern but will use him as a front man to run the country by others not elected. You may not like his style but we did not elect him for another empty suit or a wolf in sheeps clothing like our last president. For my money you should be dam* glad we have a leader that points out lawlessness and lies and exposes the FAKE news that must resort or half truths, omission, lies and propaganda to discredit this man. To make a point of how fake news handles things, see the diferance between how it is handling the allegations against Joe Biden, Governor Ralph Northam and in contrasts Brett Kavenau. Ask yourself, are you better off with Trump or Obama, who by the way did nothing for 6 months with SARS. ALWAYS reply on first hand news for the truth. Not someone telling you what they think you should think.


Yes [smile]


Deplorable, you never cease to astound. Pelosi has nothing to do with this. She is the Speaker of the House, knows her job well and executes it daily; she’s the antithesis of tRump, who refuses to order the testing that all medical experts agree is desperately needed and does nothing but tweet insults, watch tv and golf. Instead, your hero is trying to instigate civil unrest and riots in states that have implemented common sense protective measures.

Your claim, “people that have no real first hand knowledge of what the President actually said, criticizing what they were told he said by the likes of FAKE news”, is absolutely, absurd. We are all subjected to his long-winded, daily televised “Corona Virus” briefings. We all hear the lies and propaganda as they flow directly from his mouth.

I’ve no idea what the “BLACKMAIL” and “un-American agenda” you refer to is about. Do know that tRump has orchestrated the largest corporate bailout in US history. You do realize that is corporate SOCIALISM, yet you are just fine with it. Sadly, the SBA is out of money for small businesses that are dying. Would love to know who received our tax dollars and how their worthiness was determined.

Which leads me to the most incredible comment in your rant, “This president is the apitomy of TRANSPARENCY”. That is the most delusional of all your claims. tRump is the first president in 50 years to refuse to make his tax returns public…after promising in his campaign to do so. Why are the WH visitor logs sealed? Why did he have all those Russians in the Oval Office shortly after his inauguration and kick out all Americans and reporters? Why did he take the notes from translators after meetings with Putin? Why did he not allow WH staff to testify under oath? Why did HE refuse to testify under oath? Why all the non-disclosure agreements for anyone who works in the WH? This list is endless as are his lies to America…logged at 18,000 and counting.

We were all infinitely better off under Obama, and since you mentioned it, there were 8 cases of SARS in the US and NO deaths…compare that to almost 700,000 cases of Coronavirus and nearing 37,000 deaths.There is a massive difference between a true leader and a narcissistic sociopath who seeks only to satisfy his ego.

Learn to spell and turn off Faux Noise. You need to try independent thought for once and by all means, feel free to “liberate” yourself and go mingle with your like-minded friends…my apologies to the medical community who will have to deal with the ignorance of zealots.

Concerned citizen

Trump's tax records are now available in a safe place for all to see. They're underneath Obama's college records, his birth record, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding source to pay for college, his college records, his selective service registration, and Hillary's email log and 66,000 missing emails.

It is so sad the best person the democrats can come up with to fill an important position like the Speaker of the House is Pelosi, even after she bungled the ACA by having it written by lobbyists and passed before anyone had read it. A good Speaker would be passing a multitude of bills to deal with this crisis, and placing them on the Presidents desk for signing. That is how this country's government is supposed to work. Unfortunately the democrats fell in line with Obama's dictatorial approach like appointing czars to run the government without Congressional approval and bypassing Congress on everything.

You need to turn your Communist News Network off and do a little research on how our forefathers designed our constitutional republic to work.


Oh “Citizen”…sorry, but the only president who had his college records sealed from the public is your boy, tRump. Obama is rightly proud of his degrees from Columbia and Harvard Law. Passport application, what? US citizens do not need “immigration status”. Funding to pay for college, seriously? Again you mention his college records, selective service registration? Where are tRump’s? You’re trying too hard.

A little education on the ACA or Obamacare appears necessary. It is based on a plan devised by Mitt Romney, a Republican, when he was governor of Massachusetts in 2006. Obama adapted it to fit the entire country with the help of medical and insurance experts and after many months of study, the ACA/Obamacare was implemented and suddenly millions of Americans (previously uninsured due to pre-existing conditions) had health insurance. Of course, your boy tRump fights to this day to strip this protection from millions of us and offers nothing in its place.

As far as Pelosi is concerned, the Democratically controlled House is doing its job. As of 2/20, McConnell boasted there were 395 house bills sitting on his Senate desk collecting dust. FYI, house bills go to the Senate and THEN to the president. THAT is “how this country’s government is supposed to work”.

“Appointing czars”…hmmm. Would that be like tRump appointing “acting” cabinet members to install people who would not otherwise pass Congressional approval? How about his myriad task forces? Not one of them has even been vetted by Congress, much less approved.

You can school others only when you’ve schooled yourself.


The three branches of government only works when all three work together as planned by the founders, they had no idea that one day the elected representatives would not act with the citizens best interest in mind.......SMH


Yes [thumbup]


It is clear that the author of this letter did not watch the actual press briefing. The President was referring to the National Emergency Declaration and the use of the federal funds; so yes, his authority is total. The minute that our Governor signed a state-level emergency declaration in order to get access to FEMA funds, he gave some of his authority over to the federal government.


Perhaps you should...



Yes [thumbup]

Concerned citizen

Obama appointed a whole bunch of czars without Congressional approval to run the government. I wonder why hardly a word was said.


Seem to remember during the impeachment farce, the democrats forgot about the 3rd branch. If Trump did too little you'd go nuts, if he did too much you'd go nuts. Best to go to a doc and get an Rx for TDS


Yes [thumbup]


Obama had a phone and a pen.

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