We live at a fast-paced time and are normally too busy to recognize someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. When we are in a hurry and involved in a project, we shop “big-box” stores to acquire the material we need. While the employees in such stores are usually helpful, they do not feel led to add the personal touch as those who own and run a small independent business. 

Such is the case with Groves Hardware in Remington. Based on our recent experience we can attest to the fact that Mr. (Paul) Groves is a businessman who has his customers’ best interest at heart. We will take it a step further and say his business is built on “the golden rule.” From day one, he has treated us as if we are his only customers, and he takes personal interest in our construction problems and issues. He is one of the most honest businessmen with whom we have dealt in many a day. 

We started pricing material a year ago in anticipation of building a house. Mr. Groves listed all materials that we would need and gave us a price; we did not start the project until recently. He is so honest and generous, he told us the prices of the materials he quoted last year has gone down and gave us a new, lower price. There were foundation issues, Mr. Groves went above and beyond to advise what would be the best solution. 

If you have a building project, hardware or plumbing need, etc., and would like to be treated as a valued customer, you’ll enjoy a trip to Groves Hardware. 

There is an old adage that “customers are good for business” and he seems to operate with that in mind. 

Kenny and Ann Dowden 


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So true! I find everything we need at Rankins in Warrenton, so much so that it seems every component of our home was first sourced there when built long long ago. There are good relationships attached, yes, but in part it is institutional and structural in its memory, far beyond what Walmart or any other vendor could achieve.

Yes, of course, if what you seek is fungible and lowest-common denominator pricing is your goal, these massive impersonal global outlet sellers compete -- and perhaps too well -- but there will always be strong benefit to the local small businesses that built our area in the first place. Most importantly, I am willing to pay more for a drill or an extension cord to keep them around.

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