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The Fauquier County School Board’s newly adopted hybrid plan is as inequitable as they come. Under the plan (which parents/other stakeholders had zero say in), the board arbitrarily decided to send all students into the building in November.   

The board has been asked for the data (requested Sept. 24) they used to make this decision but has failed to respond. If it were a data-driven decision, the data should be easily shareable. The board failed to address how this return could even happen after the county’s own finance officer outlined how K-2 could not even return to the building with fidelity (lack of busing, staff, substitutes, etc.). 

Where does this leave our younger or more vulnerable learners? We are failing them without continuous instruction. There will be only two chances a week to receive instruction (Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday), with zero access to teachers on the three asynchronous days. Now these students will have five days of regression for every (potential) two days of instruction. This will further widen the gap as we fail to build off of new concepts or master concepts due to lack of instruction.  

The Fauquier County School Board receives an F for failing to provide an equitable reopening plan. They receive an F for failing to define a plan at all. A hasty decision to send all students back without the supports in place to do so fails all students, teachers and families. Failure is not an option. Our kids deserve better! 

Ashleigh Zylstra 


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