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LETTER: Our nation needs to learn from history before we can move ahead

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

The author of the opinion piece titled "The racial future of our country lies ahead of us rather than behind," [Fauquier Times, June 30], regales us with meaningless stories of his positive "experiences" with Black people and throws at us a bunch of "whatabouts" regarding successful Blacks.  This is somehow meant to show us that progress has been made and that he is a "good guy" who wants the best for the country.

Unfortunately, he shoots himself in the foot early on in his missive with the statement that the piece he is responding to is "allegedly about how we have failed as a nation due to white supremacy." No "allegedly" about it. This country has a 400-year history of white supremacy and racial discrimination, and little progress has been made on rectifying that.   

In order to work for a more just future, we must look to the past and understand and undo all that has gone before, not try to ignore it and say that talking about it is picking on white people and divisive.

In a final display of cluelessness, the writer states that "Americans of all colors and ethnic groups should welcome July 4th, celebrating our independence from England." Does he not realize that the Revolution was in part fought to preserve slavery?  That it took another 90 years and a civil war to end it? That post-Civil War segregation and Jim Crow and economic discrimination have held Blacks back right up until the present time?   

And let's not talk about Native Americans, who have suffered under white supremacy even more than blacks. One quarter of [General George] Washington's army at the end of the Revolution was made up of Blacks and indigenous, and the promise of July 4th was a hollow one for all.

In closing, the writer says that he fears Juneteenth will become more divisive. As long as he and others like him continue to think in racist and white supremacist ways, that is certainly true.   

-- Tim Barr


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Cameron Jones

Mr. Barr, Your warped historical (non)facts are typical of the Democrat attempts to rewrite our history, and deem all "white people" as supremacists, racists, and any number of other derogatory terms. The facts are these: Democrats are The Party that put this nation through it's most destructive conflict, and they did it to preserve slavery. Failing that, Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws, poll tests and taxes, and segregation. Democrats fought tooth and nail against the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to our Constitution. Democrats fought against all three Civil Rights Acts, and against the Voting Rights Act. These are facts. The Democrat Party IS THE Party of fire hoses and police dogs on a bridge in Selma, lynchings of both black and white civil rights activists, the jailing of Martin Luther King, Jr., standing in school house doors, and many other things this country is not proud of. But to say we've made no progress, and things are just as bad as they were in say 1861, is nothing more than Democrat racist rhetoric, meant to divide our nation, and to somehow keep black Americans on the Democrat Party plantation. Witness they way white & black Democrats treat black conservatives.



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