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Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated voters can disagree on economic policies and environmental regulations, on immigration policy and health care, and on social justice and police reform. But Americans of every political stripe are united by our belief in democracy, where each one of us has a meaningful vote. 

So when our president casts doubt on the legitimacy of our votes by claiming that he can lose the coming election only if the system is rigged or by claiming without evidence that mail-in voting is fraudulent, and when he attempts to intimidate opposing voters by encouraging his supporters to monitor polling places, all Americans who believe in democracy need to stand up. 

In an era of misinformation and conspiracy theories proliferating in social media, we can sometimes wonder what to believe, but confusion is no excuse for giving up on our fundamental rights. We can discuss these issues with open minds so that we have a better understanding of what is needed to ensure free and fair elections. And we can reach out to our elected representatives to encourage widely publicized, nonpartisan action that leaves us confident that we will not face intimidation at polling places and that our legally cast votes will count.  

The Constitution gives Virginia responsibility for ensuring free and fair elections, so ask your state representatives what they will do between now and Election Day to make us confident in our democracy. 

Matt and Katherine Weeden 


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