[Marshall Main Street] Project supporters argue that we should proceed with this expensive one-block project that increases the lighting tax to five times because:  

1) People began working on the project 10, or even 20 years ago, and  

2) the people who crafted this project spent countlesstireless hours working on it.   

Neither of those arguments justify moving forward with this project.  

1) People's ideas for improving Main Street 10 or 20 years ago are now inappropriate and destructive for Marshall. To argue that we should stick with this project simply because it originated all those years ago is backwards and regressive thinking that boxes us in and does nothing to help the Marshall community going forward.   

2) If people spent countless hours working hard on a project that will harm Marshall's businesses and residents, do we proceed with it now just because they worked hard on it? No. When you find yourself in a hole, you do not continue digging because of all the hours you have already spent digging. You cut your losses and get out of the hole. 

Proceeding with this project in any fashion increases Marshall's Special Lighting Tax to five times what it is today. Our small businesses will suffer due to the high tax rate and extensive construction downtime. Our people will suffer under the increased tax burden, which does not even cover the cost of project maintenance going forward. 

Sign the petition at ShapingMarshallTogether.comGet more information at Marshallva.org. You can phone the Marshall Business and Residents Association at 540-364-3400. 

Contact our Board of Supervisors to ask them to cancel the project. (Email BOS@fauquiercounty.gov and copy MBRAeditor@gmail.com.) 

For too long, the people of Marshall have been demoralized into submission by the falsehood put forth that this project is a done deal. As we recently learned from then-Chairman Chris Butlerit is not. 

We ask the county to stop spending our tax dollars through staff hours spent on re-working this project and forcing it through. We ask that the supervisors listen to the hundreds of signatures from the Marshall community petitioning against this project.   

Mary-Elizabeth Wilkerson 

Marshall Business and Residents Association secretary 



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