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Americans are twice as likely to visit a library as to go to a movie theater or attend a sporting event according to a recent Gallup poll. (https://news.gallup.com/poll/284009/library-visits-outpaced-trips-movies-2019.aspx) 

The Fauquier Public Library Board and staff are not surprised. Last year, 218,000 people visited a Fauquier library, an average of 686 per day. 

They come, young and old alike, to read to a therapy dog, improve their English-speaking skills, attend a business seminar, receive help preparing their taxes or homework, apply for a new job, update their driver’s license, research a family tree or study for their GED. 

And, yes, they come to check out books, too. 

While many know about library resources available to all citizens free of charge—55% of the county’s population has a library card—there are others in our community who do not. 

The Library Board believes that all county residents should take advantage of library services. To that end, earlier this year, the library launched the marketing campaign “Opportunities for All.” The campaign uses Fauquier residents’ compelling stories to illustrate how to get better grades, untangle technology, improve a business, or realize a dream by using the library. 

These are just a few examples of how Fauquier libraries change lives every day. 

So, for those who haven’t visited the library in a while, join your fellow Americans and discover your opportunity to learn, to earn, to connect today! 

Lawrie Parker 

Chairman, Fauquier Public Library Board of Trustees 

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