Ms. Kadilak’s letter published on Aug. 14 fell short addressing the sources of division in today’s society, but does list multiple opinions which she says, “there is no refuting.”  This type of positioning of opinions as fact is the basis of the political correctness campaign on college campuses with the condoning of use of bullying and force to eliminate what is identified as politically incorrect speech or action. 

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “The term (political correctness) first appeared in Marxist-Leninist vocabulary following the Russian Revolution of 1917. At that time it was used to describe adherence to the policies and principles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (that is, the party line).”… In the early 1990s the term was used by conservatives to question and oppose what they perceived as the rise of liberal left-wing curriculum and teaching methods on university and college campuses in the United States.”   

Practices of left-wing campus groups to silence students and speakers who express views contrary to their own are shouted down, bullied and in some cases, attacked. Readers are encouraged to web search for “Berkeley violent protest Feb.2 2017” an example of force used to silence a speaker.   

Here are two other “antifa” activities readers may want to web search “Washington DC riots Jan. 2017” and “antifa members attack peaceful right-wing demonstrators Aug.28,2017,” to evaluate how peaceful “antifa” really is. 

It seems that during the 2015-2016 presidential campaign, these political correctness concepts from college campuses were brought into general society by the Democratic campaign, its supporters and liberal media. Rather than arguing the merits of the Republican candidate’s policy proposals, the candidate and his supporters were attacked as “racists, white supremacists and deplorables” in an attempt to scare away voters. The Democrats and left-wing media miscalculated and apparently did not consider that past events contradicted their claims. Readers may want to web search for “Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Donald Trump. 

The one particularly outrageous claim in Ms. Kadilak’s letter is that “There is no refuting the fact” that somehow Trump is responsible for recent mass murders. Per ABC News the El Paso shooter’s reported online screed said, "the media" would "blame Trump's rhetoric" for the attack but insisted his anti-immigrant views "predate Trump. 

The Washington Post’s Aug. 19 front page article “Green views reframed for hate in killings a world apart” attribute the El Paso and Christchurch, New Zealand, shootings to an obsession with “overpopulation and environmental degradation.”   

Once the Dayton shooter was determined to be a Warren supporter and to reportedly have participated in an antifa activity, news coverage of that event evaporated. Coverage of the Gilroy California shooting also evaporated when it was determined a Republican political office was on the shooter’s target list. Individuals need to do better at differentiating their opinions from actual facts. 

For a significant list of violent acts, threats and advocacy of violence against Republicans, web search for “political violence report, House docs HHRG-116-JU00-20190409-SD008.pdf. 

Charles Medvitz 

New Baltimore 


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Dear Mr. Medvitz. Thank you for your pointed criticism of the latest left liberal letter in the paper. The more a citizen explores and searches for the truth behind current events in America, the more the fraud of the mainstream media and Leftist Democrats becomes clear. Thank you for helping to shed light on the distortions the left liberal media and politicians would have us believe are 'facts'.


American democrats and academia have been in bed with the bolsheviks since 1917.

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