A recent letter to The Fauquier Times moans House of Delegates 18th District candidate Laura Galante isn't experienced, and should seek an office like school board. I hear this "advice" slathered often on 1980s- and 1990s-born office seekers, particularly young women. 

Republicans can no longer insist upon political experience as their leader is a reality TV toddler whose experience comprises racism, xenophobia, bankruptcy, infidelity, a skyscraper of lawsuits and social media tantrums inciting violence. Galante leads a cybersecurity consulting firm, while running a farm and loving her son and husband.  

A Botetourt County native, I know well the distinction between suburban “haves” and rural “have nots.” Unlike the incumbent, Trump apologist Del. Michael WebertGalante calls for investing in broadband expansion in the district. Without broadband internet access, people in Fauquier, Rappahannock and Culpeper don't have the same shot at running their businesses, telecommuting, applying for jobs, furthering their education, and accessing healthcare.  

When I lived in Southside Virginia, I witnessed economic decay and plummeting morale when people awaited Republican promises of analog, coal-fired, manufacturing jobs. Galante will push to revamp Virginia's Standards of Learning to accommodate a new career paradigm, immersing students far earlier in white collar fields and also trades that also support our green, automated, and high-tech economy. She’ll keep those jobs in the district. 

On Nov5, you can choose microwaved, Republican bedtime stories, or you can choose real growth: Laura Galante is more familiar with growth in 2020 than many older men I know. 


Jeff Davis 


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