I just read the letter written by John Moliere that weakly endorses [Del.] Michael Webert as delegate for the 18th District. Mr. Moliere asserts his preferred candidate is seasoned and experienced, yet, does not list a single accomplishment of Mr. Webert. One would expect a multi-term politician could tout at least one headline accomplishment. The truth is Mr. Webert has none and has no vision of the future.  The only experience Mr. Webert has garnered is that gained from passive attendance.   

We deserve better than just passive attendance in the House of Delegates. That is why I endorse Laura Galante. I know her to be intelligent, hardworking, and driven to improve the lives of the people and businesses in our region.  

She understands that our future prosperity is linked to our ability to create a modern broadband infrastructure. Ms. Galante and I have talked for hours about how high-speed internet is of fundamental importance to create new business, invigorate existing business, enable access to modern health care services, permit residents access to educational resources and to keep our area vibrant and productive into the future. Mr. Webert seems to have no independent vision on this.   

Laura Galante will be a great member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Laura is one of those rare people, composed of the Right Stuff. She leads with vision and consistently finds the right answers for the best future. She is by far the best person to represent us in the House of Delegates. I support her wholeheartedly and hope all in our community will, too. 

Ron Harris 


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You old fools are so terrified of women, youth, technology...in essence you are fighting the future and the inevitable.

I moved to Fauquier in 1986 and saw your stronghold then. Give it up...you white, misogynistic, racist, uneducated males are dinosaurs are history.


I keep seeing these letters and campaign literature that says that Ms Galante is supremely qualified because she knows about the internet? Lots of people know about the internet. It is not a new thing. I first used the internet in 1984 in a business setting. This is not a qualification for office. Where does she stand in supporting our Constitution? Is she in favor of free speech or does she support modifying the First amendment? How about the Second amendment? Does she support the Socialists currently trying to be the Presidential candidate for 2020? Everything I see says no. She will support the, Keep in lock step, Democrat Socialists.


You mean the communist!


If the shoe fits Joe.

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