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Fauquier residents can take both reassurance and pride in our Office of the General Registrar, which administered and oversaw the recent election in our county.  

I volunteered to observe the final vote tally in The Plains precinct, and also observe the verification and validation of more than 200 provisional ballots on the Friday following the election.   

Approximate estimates of voter participation in Fauquier County during this election exceed 43,500 or 80% of those registered, a remarkably high participation rate, made easier by the extraordinary efforts our registrar’s office made to receive early ballots at the headquarters, plus open satellite voting offices in Vint Hill and Bealeton.   

Of the total votes cast, it is estimated that more than 28,000 or nearly 65% were cast by early ballot.  

Mr. Alex Ables, the general registrar, and his staff worked long, long hours during the approach to the election, on Election Day, and afterward, to ensure the process went smoothly. The Electoral Board – Ms. Jane Hurst and Messrs. David Wiedenfeld and Robert Zwick – worked harmoniously in performance of their duties, an outstanding example of cooperation and comity in our civic affairs.   

As a Democrat, I am disappointed my candidates lost in Fauquier, but I take great comfort that our county’s election process was free and fair. Praise to our Office of the General Registrar. 

Nigel Ogilvie 

The Plains 


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