LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

We must condemn the traitors who attacked and defiled the U.S. Capitol and the sedition of the president who fanned them to action. But we must also not paint blame with too broad a brush. 

This attack was not an attack by one political party nor an attack by all Trump voters. We saw proof of that in the bipartisan condemnations on the Senate floor that night and in the comments online and in the press in the following days. 

The blame and guilt for this attack on our country rests squarely on those who forcibly infiltrated the Capitol and by those who enabled, encouraged or condoned it (or who condone it today). That is where the guilt lies. They deserve our ire and contempt. 

If I were still a Trump supporter before this insurrection, today is the day I would unhitch from that horse and stand up for our republic.  

(*One need not abandon ones every belief or conviction, but good God, let this gelding go.)  
This is the moment. History is watching. It is not too late. 
Kirk Goolsby 


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