What has happened to our humanity? 

Forget politics. Aren’t we the “good guys” who rush to aid the oppressed, starved and sick? 

When did “we the people” decide it was OK to take babies and little children from their parents and put them in cages, with no one to care for them, and no facilities for even basic hygiene? Perhaps we are waiting for Mother Nature to step in and provide a good dose of cholera to solve the problem. 

Are we creating an environment which will likely produce a large group of mentally disturbed youth who will seek vengeance in the form of terrorism, as happened with the Palestinian refugee camps 70 years ago? After being separated from their parents and essentially abandoned, what are the chances that these little ones are going to grow up to be responsible adults? It is doubtful that we can even reunite these children and a parent as our paperwork, reportedly, was poor to non-existent. 

Who are we now? What are we thinking? Are we unconsciously on the same road that lead to Nazi Germany? 

Is this really who we want to be? Scary. 

Jennifer Schefer 


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Like a true liberal, you parrot the talking points without question. You believe the liberal interpretation of the facts. First and foremost this is a COUNTRY and is defined by its borders. This country gives it's CITIZENS certain rights and privileges that good men and women died for. These privileges are the rewards of CITIZENSHIP otherwise they become meaningless. STOP blaming "us" for the problem of what to do with the CHILDREN. The real problem is THEIR parents that subject them this fate.... not ME. ENFORCEMENT of the immigration laws will FIX the problem. Liberals refuse to see the truth. They live in some make believe world that does not exist. Socialism is their goal... until they get it and find out it STILL DOESN'T WORK. What's so ridiculous is the concern for children at the border and the lack of concern for the UNBORN children. They can kill babies but don't harm children brought here illegally BY their parents. Instead blame people like me that want the laws enforced. I hope you understand that liberals like the koolaid served up by the deep state that needs an underclass of voters to achieve their goals of global government. To doubt this is a mistake.


The first problem is that you are basing your claims on the culture of the US where you live. Once you leave the US territory you are not guaranteed security or medical attention that's a US benefit. The same goes for the violence in the third world countries and their approach to family. Many of the children being put through the caravans to the US are not the children of who they are accompanying. They have been sold or taken from their own countries for the benefit of the adults who want to come to the US. The US family values, although deteriorating, are not the values in third world countries. I've traveled there and have seen first hand. It's easy to complain but it's worth taking the time to research the facts before accusations are made.


I think WE have been seperating LAWBREAKERS from their families forever.

If we were REALLY 'heartless', we would just turn them ALL around at the border and let them find their way home where they can then go through the same procedures MILLIONS have gone through before.


When did “we the people” decide it was OK to take babies and little children from their parents and put them in cages, with no one to care for them, and no facilities for even basic hygiene?

When baraq obama was president...

Linda Ward

I agree Jennifer. "What has happened to our humanity?" My thoughts are that the soulless among us are collecting their 40 pieces of silver once again, and the betrayal will not end well for any of us.


You mean the obama administration, who installed the dog kennels, right?

Linda Ward

Educate yourself before making such uninformed statements. You are making yourself look like an dunce.


Comparing our country to Naz-s makes one look like a dunce.

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