I am writing this letter in support of Eric Maybach for commissioner of revenue for Fauquier County. Eric was born and raised in Fauquier County and his family has deep roots here. The Maybach family has helped the citizens of Fauquier for decades and now Eric believes that it is now his time to contribute. Eric chose to raise his family in Fauquier County because it has given him the great start that it will give his children. Eric wants to make Fauquier County economically sound today and for future generations.

Eric has worked in the field of finance for over a decade. He manages several financial teams with multi-million-dollar portfolios. Eric has managed to keep his portfolios in good standing even through economic recessions. His dedication to the job and his way of thinking outside the box will serve the Fauquier County tax base well. This conservative way of thinking will help see Fauquier County through the good times and the bad. Through hard work and excellent management, Eric has led his teams to be the top performers in the country. I expect that Eric will do the same for Fauquier County.

Eric has great ideas on how to get the youth of our county involved in money management and teach them the process of local government. This is one of the many ways that Eric will be reaching out to the community and younger generations. Eric will be a visible leader of this community, making sure that things are done the right way for the right reasons.

Please join me in voting for Eric Maybach for Fauquier County commissioner of revenue on June 11.

Kelli Payne


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