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For the last years of my career at a “Big Blue” computer company, I worked for Donald Trump.  I railed against his unusual, and overly aggressive leadership style which seemed to fly in the face of one of IBM’s fundamental beliefs; “Respect for the Individual.”   

As an example, one day I walked into his office and said, “I know we discussed (some issue) yesterday but I have been thinking ”  He cut me off saying “We decided this yesterday! Why are you in my office?” 

It would have been nice to try to “move on” but I was stuck in that department. My problem was that our department was the last piece of IBM left in Manassas following the sale of the division to Loral/Lockheed Martin. IBM retained us because we were working on a commercial project (Manassas mostly made “submarine SONAR” and still does). If I wanted to retire in a few years I had to gut it out or relocate – leaving Fauquier County, which I love.   

Trump made decisions so fast – and I did not think it was right. I generally wanted to think about big decisions more fully and over a few days. But after a while I realized that his rapid decisions were almost always right, incorrect decisions would very quickly become apparent and he would switch to the correct course, and his rapid decisions and aggressive leadership kept work moving. This was a big reason for our success in the internal competition with much larger and more bureaucratic organizations within IBM. We ended up working effectively together and we retired simultaneously in a few years. 

You figured it out and you are right – Donald Trump never worked for IBM. But my boss, the individual I described, was like him in so many ways that it would be hard to distinguish between them. 

A motto of IBM is “THINK,” and that admonition is printed on various items that are given to employees such as note pads and mementos. I encourage all voters to really THINK now.    

It is easy to evaluate someone based on personality and feelings. Personal dislike is a key reason many are planning to vote against Trump. However, when you consider what he has accomplished for us (yes even with the COVUD situation), I think he is hard to vote against.    

The economy was booming and is coming back rapidly. He kept many afloat with unprecedented direct payments to individuals and businesses. He has pushed development of a COVID vaccine and therapies – this would not have happened without his aggressive leadership.   

He unleashed the military and our allies to destroy ISIS. He has Israel and Arab nations making treaties and talking. He has made significant improvements to the Veterans Association. He has NATO allies paying a fairer share and has stood up to China.  

He has put America first. He says what he thinks. He has been subjected to the most unfair media coverage because the media hate him, not to mention the totally discredited “Russia Gate” thing and impeachment that they pushed daily in the news. He is called a racist but is not a racist. Did you ever Google that statement about “good people on both sides at Charlottesville? 

Look for the 16:54 CBS covered news conference on YouTube. See how out of context the left’s characterization of it was. He said the exact opposite. He got criminal justice reform passed and Black and Hispanic unemployment was at the lowest level ever.   

As you may deduce from my description of my “Trump-like” boss – he was not my favorite person. I learned to respect him and work with him. He was an effective leader, as is Donald Trump. THINK! 

Peter Popovich 

Broad Run 


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Well said and exactly on point. Think for yourself rather than be influenced.

Unfortunately too many are led by out of context and personal and professional bias of the media, academics and of course the making movies of ourselves Hollywood crowd.

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