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This letter was sent to Eric Maybach, commissioner of the revenue and Paul McCulla, county administrator, on May 31.

Enclosed are my first half of 2022 real estate tax payments for the properties listed in the attached schedule (average “fair market value” increase 33% and average tax increase 21%), which I am paying under protest.

I did not officially protest the 2022 tax assessments because I was aware that assessments have to be made at “fair market value.” Considering the bull real estate market, it is understandable that there would be significant increases. However, it was up to the board of supervisors to set a tax rate that would not cause tax increases ranging from 16 to 30% (for an average 21% increase) in the case of my properties, which I can only describe as unconscionable and absurd.

The vast majority of households in the county have not seen extreme increases in their income nor have they realized the huge increase in "Fair Market Value," without selling their property. I believe these increases are an extreme hardship to many, especially those on a fixed income. While I can recover some of the tax increases on my two rental properties, it puts me in the unacceptable position of raising rent on two senior citizens who are on fixed income.

I know the 2022 budget has been approved but would ask the board of supervisors to take a hard look at the inequity that has been imposed on the citizens of Fauquier County with these huge real estate tax increases.

Wanda Wiser

Broad Run

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