I encourage all Fauquier citizens — Republicans, Democrats, Independents and those otherwise unaffiliated -- to support Bob Mosier’s re-election. 

I consider myself an independent voter, but I do tend to vote for Democrats in national and statewide elections. Nevertheless, I believe it is hard to define a “Democrat sheriff” or a “Republican sheriff,” and I conclude that it is best to support whichever candidate most nearly satisfies my idea of what a good sheriff should be — regardless of party affiliation. And Bob Mosier satisfies each and every one of my standards.

When Bob announced he would be running for sheriff four years ago, he was clear about what he proposed to do if he were elected. He proposed an ambitious 100-day plan and a longer-term plan to improve the status and operation of the sheriff’s office. Because of his professionalism, experience and knowledge of the county, Bob could describe his goals and plans with clarity. 

And Bob kept his promises. He executed his 100-day plan in less than 100 days and instituted strategic improvements faster than could have been expected.  You have read about all the longer-term improvements Bob implemented in the articles and subscriber letters this paper has published, and they need not be repeated here. 

I do, however, want to note a few of my favorites. Bob completed the certification process he said he would complete economically and in a timely manner. He has established effective relationships with a myriad of other law enforcement agencies at the local, regional, state and federal level. He has demonstrated complete and dedicated support for the members of his office. 

He has established service recognition events to inform citizens about the extraordinary work accomplished by officials in the sheriff’s command, and he has led the effort to improve pay and working conditions for everyone in the office. 

Finally, Bob has been the “Peoples’ Sheriff,” as he promised he would be. He has devoted maximum attention on the goal of reaching out to each and every citizen of the county through his frequent town hall meetings and other contacts to make sure that citizens understand the full scope of the sheriff’s responsibilities and that when a citizen sees or hears about a law enforcement challenge, they know whom they should call. And, it’s true, often when a citizen calls with a question or concern, it is Bob who takes or returns the call.

I seldom expect elected officials whom I support to please me 100 percent of the time. But Bob has been the exception. I could not be more pleased with his performance to date and could not be happier about supporting his re-election. So, whatever may be your party preference at the state or federal level, I encourage you to do whatever you can to see that Bob remains our sheriff.

John Richardson


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How much did bob pay you for this....lol
Bob has done squat, the overdose rates have doubled since he got in office... he’s just a politician with an agenda too suck up to the highest high and fool Fauquier in 2019 AGAIN! But Cochrane Train is going full FORCE baby!

Cochrane for sheriff guys more educated more experienced more qualified better ideas and NO phony shows like what bob puts up!

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