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LETTER: Guns are not the problem

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

Clearly, Kristen King (“Response to mass shootings: gun laws”) was not a Fauquier Times reader when this topic was addressed previously so I feel called to respond:

1. The Second Amendment to the Constitution has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with having access to the same weapons that may be used against citizens under conditions of tyranny and unrest.

2. The NRA is not evil.  The organization is populated by patriotic, God-fearing people nationwide who share a common belief in our rights and use their money and time supporting safe firearms use, school safety and scholarship programs.

3. As a victim of violent crime in Virginia, I now truly believe that guns are like parachutes — if you don’t have one when you need one the first time you may never get a second chance.  If there had been one person with concealed carry at the Colorado supermarket in March, Colorado movie theater in 2012 or school (1999 Colorado), the outcome would have been very different. It is interesting to note that one father who lost a child at Columbine did not blame the guns and testified before Congress.

4. The government was not created to solve social problems. On March 24, Senator John Kennedy stated, “I don’t believe we have a gun control problem in America; I believe we have an idiot control problem.” He was trying to point out that it is the citizens’ job to deal with mental illness, the opiate crisis, broken families, education, and other factors which drive crime. Gun laws are followed by law abiding citizens. Criminals and terrorists are not stopped by existing gun laws and will not be deterred by new ones.

5. For a quick education on why our rights should not be infringed, please read John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime” and Stephen P. Halbrook’s “Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews” and “Enemies of the State” or go to The Heritage Foundation website (, The Armed Citizen (, or Guns Save Lives ( According to “there are 270 million civilian firearms in the U.S.” It also says “200,000 times a year women use a gun to defend against sexual abuse.” And my favorite: “Three out of five polled felons say they won’t mess with an armed victim.”

6. It is already not possible for law-abiding persons in Virginia to “buy guns on a whim.” Thanks to our governor who shares Ms. King’s viewpoint, if I wanted to sell a firearm to my sister or my nephew, I would have to take it to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and pay to consign it so my relative could then buy it there. Placing financial restrictions on a means of personal protection during a time of unusually high demand is not hurting criminals or terrorists; it is hurting regular moms and dads, single women, the disabled and the elderly. There would be a hue and cry if similar restraints were places on motor vehicles, baseball bats, lengths of rope, cast iron skillets, or any tool capable of inflicting serious harm.  Don’t blame the tool; blame the person who misuses it. 

I hope that some of the good neighbors who responded previously remain well during the pandemic and will again let their voices be heard on this subject -- and on the upcoming election.

A.M. Rezelman


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