My dad used to say, “Be sure of your facts, then be righteous as hell.” The problem today is that there are a lot of “righteous” people who are too sure of their false facts or manipulate the actual facts for their own purposes. Such is the case with last week’s letter to the editor penned by Greg Schumacher.   

Schumacher claims that the “left” holds the “lions share” of responsibility for the rise of divisiveness in our country today. This is not only untrue, it’s absurd. There is no refuting the mean-spirited, bullying language emanating from the president (Donald Trump) himself. There is no refuting the shouts of his supporters to “send home” congressional leaders who happen to be women of color and United States citizens. There is no refuting the fact that recent mass murders have been perpetrated by individuals who cite the language of Trump and his white supremacist followers. Please note that I do not state that all of Donald Trump’s followers are white supremacists or hateful individuals – there are members of my family and dear friends who support the president. They are not hateful individuals. 

In my view, what truly promotes the division in our country is the lack of civility and willingness to engage in not just meaningful, but purposeful dialogue about what is wrong with our policies and how to improve.   

The tendency to finger-point and blame the “other side” for society’s ills, as Greg Schumacher – who disingenuously fails to mention that he is chairman of the Fauquier County Republican Committee -- has done, only further promotes the very problem he claims to be addressing. How is this constructive? 

Before closing, I want to briefly address my opening point – that is, the manipulation of information to present “facts” that will support your position. Schumacher claims that there were only about 50 neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. Official estimates put the number at 250, more than five times Schumacher’s statement.  

He also uses an incident in Portland, Oregon, involving conservative journalist Andy Ngo as evidence of the broad, left-wing violence against conservatives. I took the time to research that incident. First of all, there is no refuting the fact that Ngo was attacked by a person in “antifa” (or anti-fascist) garb. Beyond that, not much is clear. The claim that a milkshake laced with cement was thrown at him is based on one police officer’s opinion and, in fact, the person who threw the shake is seen drinking from it beforehand. Would you drink a cement laced milkshake? Was the attack wrong? Yes. Does it exemplify a general tendency of the liberal left? No.   

Let’s stop this blame game. Let’s start focusing on the issues and how we get back to a country that is based on the ideals of a free society that supports not just the wealthy and corporate interests, but those of the working class and disenfranchised … and, everyday Americans like you and me. It is the only thing that will turn this destructive situation around. 

Kathryn Kadilak 

The Plains 

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Great article, Kathryn!


Ms Kadilak, if you really believe what you wrote in your last paragraph you are in the wrong party. The Democrat party does not support democratic ideals such as a free society. If they truly get in charge I will lose my freedom as will you.

Cameron Jones

The left is undeniably responsible for the division in our country today, particularly racial division. Democrats and the left wing media, (but I repeat myself), cannot get over the fact that their chosen successor to Obama The Magnificent, did not win the election. But even prior to November 2016, they were subverting the very core of the rule of law; the FBI and DoJ. They used these all powerful organizations, along with the Intelligence Community, the IRS, and the complicit media to go after their political opponents, most notably but probably not exclusively, Donald Trump. This should scare all normal law abiding Americans on both sides of the isle.

The Left has abused all the deragatory terms they can think of to the point that they no longer mean anything but "Trump". Can you imagine if Lord Obama had been treated this way? Hillary Clinton said it best, (and I'll paraphrase) There can be no peace or civility until Democrats are back in power in Washington. Right.....


Imagine if the same requirements to exercise our enumerated constitution rights were applied to voting - which is NOT constitutionally protected.




Political division? The heck you say...

A political fundraiser for @SenatorSandoval simulates an assassination attempt against a mock @realDonaldTrump decked out in Mexican garb. Looks like a man pointed a fake assault weapon at the fake President to pose for a picture.


The Palestinian Authority is banning all LGBT members from activities in the West Bank.

The ban comes after the group Al-Qaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, which supports Palestinians who identify as a part of the gay community, was planning to hold a gathering for its members at the end of August, but won’t be able to anymore. Their event was supposed to be held in Nablus.

Luay Zreikat, spokesperson for the PA Police, told the Jerusalem Post that activities from the organization are “harmful to the higher values and ideals of Palestinian society.”

Ruh, roe, leftists. How will you explain this one to your lunatic base?

Comment deleted.


JOEK a symbol of ignorance.

You actually prove the writer's opinion, well done.

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