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I am extremely frustrated at the completely ineffective management and disparate application of the vaccine process by the Rappahannock-Rapidan Health District and I am sick to death of the state and RRHD continually explaining that their vaccine redistribution problems are the result of the limited quantity of doses that they receive from the federal government; when in fact the problem is primarily a lack of planning at the state, health district and local county levels. 

One of the Times' articles noted the frustration with the vaccine sign-up process. I'll take that one step further. How about frustration with the complete lack of transparency and management of the sign-up process? And, no, don't tell me to go to the RRHD vaccine dashboard for answers; polished statistics are meaningless. A high school junior (if he/she were actually in school) could develop a better sign-up process, applicant database and applicant evaluation and appointment control methodology than apparently exists with RRHD's current process.

Reading the Times’ Feb. 3 article about Piedmont Family Medicine (a for-profit entity) now dispensing vaccinations to their patent database put me over the top with my anger. Apparently the RRHD and [town administrator] Paul McCulla are OK with the misappropriation of vaccines and disregard of an established applicant database by a for-profit entity, to the detriment of all of the other Fauquier County's residents in the RRHD survey queue. Is the RRHD aware that PFM is only serving its existing paying customers irrespective of the RRHD survey applicant database? 

The bottom line is that apparently any Fauquier County resident who is not a paying customer of Piedmont Family Practice can just suck it up while a very privileged few are served at the head of the line by this for-profit business.

And, no, don't tell me that PFM using the RRHD vaccine registration database to select the vaccination appointments when this for-profit has already made it clear that they will not vaccinate anyone who is not an existing patient.

Maybe my above concern begs the question. Maybe the question should be "Who is in charge of actually using the RRHD database to (1) contact the next eligible applicant to make an appointment and (2) to designate the Point of Dispensing that will actually dispense the vaccination dose to the recipient? Is the RRHD maintaining its centralized responsibility for managing and controlling the health district's dispensing of the vaccinations to recipients or has the RRHD relegated its responsibilities to for-profit entities without any RRHD oversight?  Unfortunately, I think that I know that answer.

Charles Dennis

Broad Run

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I couldn’t agree with you more, RRHD giving doses to Piedmont Family Practice or any provider for that matter that cherry picks which members of the high risk/registered public can get vaccinated is outrageous. And I realize that Piedmont is giving doses to only their high risk 1B eligible patients, but why do their patients get to skip in front of the line ahead of other high risk citizens who signed up first? In what world is it fair that a certain subset of the population get favored over the rest of the high risk population, when vaccine supply is so scarce? For a government-issued vaccine nonetheless, how is it allowed that all tax payers are not being treated equally, for a potentially life saving vaccine? There is no reason Piedmont or any private provider cannot open up their doses to all who have registered on the health district list in the proper queue. The hospital is a private hospital, and they do it fairly. Other private clinics around the state do as well.

Please register complaints to your respective state elected representatives, VDH, and RRDH that this practice of inequity should be eliminated. Vaccine doses should only be given to providers who will not discriminate which sets of eligible high risk citizens can receive it.

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