I and some others were puzzled that your coverage of the Sept. 25 debate in Marshall (“Marshall candidates forum focuses on 18th District”) did not fully convey the feeling of the audience – which was more favorable to Ms. (Laura) Galante(D) than to Mr. (Michael) Webert (R-Va. 18th).   

Ms. Galante’s articulation of the issues was clearly stronger. She brings fresh new approaches to key issues of employment (promoting the trades and expanding technical education), boosting Virginia agriculture and local farming, and expanding our access to high-speed internet.   

Plus Ms. Galante is committed to working “across the aisle” to find bipartisan solutions, an ethic our politics needs now more than ever.  

Nigel Ogilvie 

The Plains 


Editor’s note: Without polling members of the audience, it would have been difficult to provide an objective report on the audience’s preferences. We choose to keep the article an objective report of the candidates’ views. 


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Mike McClary

Five busloads of supporters? This is a lie. I was there. At the end, there was polite clapping for Webert. Galante received thunderous and sustained applause.

Tell It Like It Is

Well there you have it folks. LMAO


Democrats do not work across the aisle.


Well when you import 5 bus loads of "supporters" of course it's going to appear as if there is more support for your candidate!


Couldn't possibly be because Democrats brought in 5 bus loads of "supporters"? Hmmmm?

Tell It Like It Is

Well of course if you are a liberal Democrat. I would not expect this publication to post anything else. It may be deemed as fair and unbiased .…. [sneaky]

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